A year in the life of a "almost whole 30" student


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So over 1 year ago, I stumbled on to this website and started a strict whole 30 mid April last year. I went close to 90 days and really felt great(after about 6 weeks) and was losing weight slowly, joint pain down, and moodiness better. Then I continued for several more months at about a 98% compliance but with a glass of white wine occas. Lost down to 134# at 5'6" which is the lowest for me since junior high(I am 55). Still continued to benefit and crept along at about a 95% compliant level with designated days/meals that the rules were relaxed ie birthday, Christmas, etc. I was even OK when I lost my beloved dog in August. I thought that would really through me for a loop.

But it has been a real challenge the last 3 months..My hubby has been in/out of the hospital for 5+ weeks with chronic illness and a nonhealing diabetic foot wound in which he may lose his foot. Living in the hospital with him, 3 weeks at one time, then back in after he was home for a week, for another 2.5 weeks, has been disasterous for me. Sick with worry, and back to work fulltime, with a 6 month old puppy(love her) has really piled my plate full-no pun intended. I have struggled with starting back on the plan that really has helped me...the time and planning it takes has been a stumbling block. I seem to get in a week or two and then bad news come about his foot or yet another medical bill and it sends me into a spiral.

Cognitvely, I know I will be stronger, happier, healthier on this plan and I have found that to be the case in the past. Right now, it seems chocolate, wine, fries seem to help  immediately as I struggle letting the sense of panic pass so I can get to healthy choices.

I have gained 13 pounds. That sucks. I don't have the time to train like I did. I averaged 10+ hours a week as I do triathlons. My hip hurts, alot. I am moody and I have got to get out of this funk. It is a day to day struggle to put my health first as his is so problematic...I need to put the oxygen on me first, so I can help him. That is very tough to put into practice!

Any words of advice is welcome....I know folks go through this all the time as far as being a caregiver for  the spouse. I work fulltime as well and I workout to relieve the stress of my job and stupid stuff at home. NOW, my coping technique has been reduced or nonexistant some days. Yikes.


Thanks all!

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I'm not in your situation exactly, but understand the overwhelmed feeling. In 2012 I had my second baby and my 3 year old was starting to show signs of autism. The baby ended up hospitalized at 3 weeks with croup, then I ended up in the hospital with bacterial meningitis when she was 6 weeks old and was bed ridden for a month afterward. I got into some really bad habits with food in the past 2 years because I was just trying to stay afloat.


Things are finally getting easier and I'm noticing that while eating better despite the effort it takes, it's actually giving me more energy for the other things in my life. So putting in more time for food is giving me more net time overall. I used to completely shut down by 4 pm and only have enough energy to do what was absolutely necessary, now I find myself singing and dancing and cleaning my house at 9 pm because I don't get tired until it's actually time to go to sleep. 


Do you have time to do a big cook day/afternoon ever where you can freeze a lot of meals and prep fresh veggies/fruits for the upcoming week? Even the weeks I pencil out a simple meal plan help a lot because it reminds me of what I need to start getting ready in the morning for the rest of the day.


Hang in there, and remember you don't need to be perfect right now either. Eat the healthy foods you enjoy the most and they will crowd out a lot of the others.

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First of all, big hugs!


Secondly, I feel your pain. I lost my best friend 5 days before Christmas. I also broke up with my long-term boyfriend who I thought at the time was the one (although turns out he was incredibly emotionally abusive.) I also have an eating disorder (don't do things in halves, eh)


Maybe you're not in the right place to do a whole30 just yet. I have been really struggling recently too, and I have tried to make sure my main meals are on template to help maintain energy levels, but anything in between is not the 'end of the world.' 


Perhaps getting used to just eating paleo would be easier to start with? Sort of 'easing you back in?'

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Thanks all. So one day at a time-yesterday was bad. The MD says the foot needs to go. Hubby says not so fast. So he has an MRI Tuesday and that will be a defining moment.

Overall-I have relaxed the rules a bit to include a glass(1) of wine, Truvia in my tea, and the occas teaspoon of no sugar peanut butter. Oh, and sugar free chewing gum as this really curbs my need to "chomp".

I just find that the grains/sugar make me psycho as far as moodiness goes so I really need to stay level headed this coming week. But they taste so good for the first few seconds!!!!

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