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Sugar cravings-what can I do?


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Can anyone offer me some advice- I'm reading "it starts with food" and want to do the 30 day so before starting into it I decided to make some changes ie: for the 4 days I've had no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, and no carbs-well to the best of my knowledge! I'm still reading about what I can and can't eat!

For breakfast I'll have 2 egg omelette with bacon or chicken or something like that! Lunch is a salad and dinner is fish or meat with roasted vegetables! I'm drinking herbal teas rather than my usual tea with milk or coffee!

Anyway, my problem is I feel hungry constantly-I'm craving something sweet like there is no tomorrow! I'm eating bananas to try and over come the sugar cravings but I'm ending up eating 2-3 a day as a result :-(

Can anyone suggest something else I might try-I feel like I'm grumpy as hell with my boyfriend!

Will this pass?

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If you are still hungry after eating a Whole30 compliant meal, perhaps you need to eat more compliant food during that meal, or perhaps eat more fat, especially coconut oil.

Are you sure it is physical hunger or just craving?

Be patient, sugar cravings do pass. We have all been there.

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Be sure you're not cutting carbs too drastically - that can have a real effect on mood. I know I get seriously difficult if I don't make a conscious effort to consume carbohydrates. If you work out or live an active lifestyle, your body will ask for more carbs than someone who is rather sedentary (it doesn't technically require them, but it makes things a little easier). You should work to get a majority of your carbs from nutrient dense starches like sweet potatoes and butternut squash, though fruit is fine too - especially in the summer! I would increase your carb intake for a few days and see if that helps.

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Thanks guys-i think i may be the cravings making me 'hungry' more do than me being actually hungry! I just keep munching tryin to fill that hole I feel I have!

When I eat my whole meals I feel full when I finish but for years I would have tea with a biscuit after my dinner so after dinner now I'm pacing the room tryin to think of what I can eat to fill that gap! I guess it's just the cravings are driving me a bit loopy!

I'm dieing for my mid morning sugar filled mocha right now!! I'm questioning why I'm even doing this! Why is will power so hard :-(

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