Finished My First Whole30!


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I lost 8 pounds, but not much in the way of inches, yet...maybe 1/2 " here and there.  Still, for just a month, that's quite good for me...and I was never hungry!


I also have much less back pain and joint pain when arising.  Whole30 did my back much more good than an expensive new mattress did.  Post nasal drip is mostly cleared up, even though we are in the midst of the spring allergy assault with a thick layer of pollen coating everything.  Digestive issues seem much better.  I am surprised to be able to eat a lot of cauliflower (faux mashed potatoes) without having a lot of embarrassing gas...that would not have been the case prior to Whole30.  I take that as a sign that my gut is healing.  I had a GREAT cholesterol panel just 2 weeks in to my Whole30.  I am on statins, but have never had such good numbers. I think the Whole30 diet had a lot to do with those results. 


I'm afraid I may be somewhat intolerant of a few of the foods allowed on Whole30, but it would be hard to be even more restrictive, especially when I am not sure if specific foods are bothersome.  It may just be that healing takes a bit more time than 30 days.


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