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Was going to start on Monday, but alas, tornado, so I had to restart today April 30. I've done them in the past, some more successful than others.


I"ve stocked the fridge and freezer, have excercise plans (yoga and walk/run) and am hopeful this whole30 will give me more energy and help with weight loss because yes, I need to lose weight, fat and all that jazz. I've been draggy, and no energy and hormanal stuff, whiny some days too ;) I'm hoping to get my energy level back and to just feel better. I just came off three weeks of "virgin diet" which is pretty similar but has beans and rice and no eggs. -- followed by a Week of "whatever" which isn't a good plan. I need to follow through with allergy testing/adding things in slowly.


Who else started today? Are you excited? What changes do you hope to see? (I weighed and I'm getting photos made in a few minutes.)

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Day 3- Hangry Hangry Hangry

breakfast cube steak and turnip greens and coconut

lunch cube steak and turnip greens

dinner in the oven- it better hurry- cashews, turnup greens and cornbeef and cabbage.


I just realized almost 8 no wonder I am so hungry.



today I'm dizzy, angry and I'd love to slap some people.


but this too shall pass. I've planed a "do what you want weekend" which is sew, plant some things and sew some more. oh and do laundry for a tornado victim and pack some stuff to move it.

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Days 4 and 5


Positive-- skin looks great, some happy today, I "feel thinner" face may look thinner. I don't have as much joint pain. (when It goes away I forget how bad it was, so I want to keep reminding myself of this)



Dizzy yesterday, hard time waking up today, bloaty last night, my skin looks awesome, not sure I feel any better. (I have an energy issue that may be thyroid or adrenal, or some other hormone issue) 


I HATE having to plan food, go to store, and the pain in the butt planning of you want to eat out.


Too busy to post yesterday, I did find that having some chicken before I went to the family bbq helped me stay focused around cake and cookies and pie.


Day 4 food

b- pumpkin and elk burger -- not my favorite ;)

snack - chicken

l-roast pork and cabbage cole slaw

d- MOES- chicken, lettuce, guac, olives, peppers, salsa, bacon, (was mad at all the stuff I couldn't have)


Today -

B- turnip greens, poached eggs and bacon

l-mixed green salad with bacon, sussage, avacodo, fresh tomatos, onion, carrot, celery

d- ham sweet potato soup, banana  (I am excited aobut this soup, we will see how it turns out)

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