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Okay, maybe I don't want to be quite so terse as that. So here's a run-through of my outcomes:


Energy level: Higher on average, more consistent and steady – though when I get tired, I get really tired (no extra sugar to keep me up artificially).


Sleep: About the same number of hours (6-7), but really, really deep. Again, there's no sugar in my bloodstream to make my nights fitful like before.


Eczema: Not gone but much improved – and this despite my having stopped using medical ointment from the second week on. I still have rashes, but from about the second to the third week, I was not conscious of any itching at all. I had a resurgence of the itching when I had some sautéed carrot greens, and again when I tried Swiss chard stems. I think I had an adverse reaction to the strong alkaloids in these veggies (or veggie parts).


Acid reflux: No improvement, but I am encouraged by other people who have written in these forums that theirs improved over time.


Weight gain or loss: Don't know, don't care.


My Bit of a Belly: Still have it. Not really exercising that much (aside from almost daily walks) might have something to do with it…


Happiness Quotient: I've had my low moments and “Kill all the things†moods, but in general… This morning I was dancing in my kitchen as I peeled and chopped veggies, moving in time to Pharrell's “Happy.†So, yeah: weirdly, unexpectedly, surprisingly, I have been happy throughout all this. 


When I read Melissa Joulwan's list of “Thirty Reasons to Whole30,†the item that I was most skeptical about – and yet was secretly hoping would hold true — was no. 5. She wrote, “You'll be happier. No joke. When blood sugar is stable, life is happier. Period.†Turns out she actually knew what she talking about. Wow.


Oh, and a few more things I feel I should note: These forums are fun! You guys are great. Thank you!

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Looks like you did a fantastic job with your meals. Congrats! Glad you're happy with your results. Now what?


Thanks! I purposely tried to make my meals as enticing as possible so I would have proof of concept for anyone I know who might have questions or show an interest in Whole30 or Paleo. (E.g., if anyone asks if Paleo is boring or too restrictive, I have pictures to show how varied and delicious it can be.)


Now? My plan is to continue Whole30 + (very occasionally) potatoes, rice (I am Filipino, after all), butter, SWYPO (like sweet potato bars), and sugar (honey for the bars) for my regular meals. I was mostly Paleo to begin with, so I won't really miss legumes, grains, or dairy, and I don't plan to reintroduce them. I've killed (or at least beaten into submission for now) my Coke habit (as in soda, not the powder), so I don't plan to go back there. On any special occasions where there is food too enticing to pass up (such as in a really good restaurant) or some food with personal meaning (such as traditional Christmas food I've had since childhood), I won't bother with compliance and gladly pay the price. I won't stint from the occasional glass of champagne or cocktail, but I was never was much of a drinker anyway, so no problem with abusing. And I'll do Whole30 again every now and then, just as a regular maintenance tune-up.

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One other project I've been toying with is doing a Whole30 -- or Whole14 or Whole7 -- with just Paleo Filipino meals. Filipino family members and friends keep saying they can never do Paleo or Whole30 because they can't imagine living without rice. It would be quite a challenge, since we typically eat rice with every meal (and soy sauce for a lot of our dishes).

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Have you tried cauliflower rice?  And coconut aminos can be substituted for soy sauce.  Good luck adapting your recipes!  Your friends and family will benefit from your experience!


Oh, yeah. I made several Filipino dishes (Paleofied) during my Whole30 -- some with great success, some not. 

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