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The Hardest Part of my (second) Whole 30...

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...is watching my loved ones continue to struggle with their weight, high blood pressure, arthritis, migraines, and chronic stomach pain and have them refuse to learn from MY EXPERIENCE with Paleo and the Whole 30.  Why won't they listen to me?!  


I got on the Paleo bandwagon last year and instantly slimmed down and my energy is sky high. I have done a couple Whole 30s when I needed a kick in the pants,


The Whole 30 has truly changed my life.   I thought I was healthy before, I thought I was doing everything right with the oatmeal and the Greek yogurt and the fancy whole wheat bread.  Ugh!  I will never go back!  I feel like a million bucks and I vow to keep sharing what I have learned with anyone that will listen.  Mom! You CAN have the flat stomach you want!!!

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