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Hi there. I am on my day 7 of my first whole30. I have started this program after searching for a suitable diet for my partner who has a large number of tested food sensitivities. I am waiting for my results for another couple of weeks, but I had enough of my allergies and digestive issues.

I have to say, the first 3 days felt great. Day 4 threw me off completely. I really need some advice or encouragement because I'm not sure I'm on a right track. I had a pretty bad diarrhea the morning of day 4. I had taken naturacalm magnesium the night before so attributed it to that. The evening of day 4 I got 101 degree fever that lasted 24 hours and abruptly went away. I couldn't eat anything that day, couldn't stand up for more than one minute at the time. This was all with more diarrhea. The day after, day 6 was a bit better, but I had no appetite couldn't digest anything. I am starting digestive enzymes today hoping that will help.

My chiro was not surprised with the fever when I told him about this food plan, but I haven't felt so shitty since the stomach flu.

Sorry for such long post, I just really want to feel better...

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