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It's finally the day! My Whole30 log


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I got up so excited this morning! 

My starting weight is 136.4, size 6.


For breakfast, I chose to eat my homemade (previously prepared and frozen) turkey "sausage" sweet potato, spinach, and egg bake (made with coconut oil, organic spices, sea salt), 1 avocado (a cute mini one!), and black coffee.

I also made an organic lemon and mint infused water (lemon and mint are from my yard, and we use reverse osmosis filtration for water).



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  • Compliant tuna (Trader Joe's no salt added tuna in water). Made with paleo chipotle mayo, celery, salt, pepper, ACV, and avocado.... wrapped in romaine lettuce leaf. 
  • Sliced green apple.
  • Cucumber and carrot salad (spiral sliced), in ACV, salt, pepper.
  • Lemon mint water



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  • Garlic lemon dill ruffy with asparagus, zucchini, and cauliflower
  • Baked sweet potato - half
  • Green salad with cucumber, radish, carrot,celery, 2 slices green apple - dressing: homemade vinaigrette (organic EVOO, ACV, Italian herbs, garlic, salt, pepper)
  • Carrot ginger soup (organic carrots, homemade veggie stock, onions, ginger, salt, pepper - Vitamixed)

Drinks of the day:

Lemon mint infused water- all day

Black coffee - AM

Unsweetened iced coffee with coconut milk  - 4 PM

 - Will be having fresh garden mint tea around 9 PM :)


Did I make it through the first day???   LOL.  Tomorrow this will all be one post, not 3!


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Your meals all look good. Maybe a bit light, but if you are satisfied, I'm satisfied. The one thing I would note is that you are eating a lot of your veggies raw. That is fine, but some people have more trouble digesting raw veggies. If you find yourself having any stomach issues, you might want to try shifting to more cooked veggies and see if things don't become easier. 

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Thank you, Tom! I spent last week before I started the challenge chowing down on a ton of red meat and chicken, so I was meated out! Plus, it was hot yesterday here in California, and I barely had an appetite. I am generally a light eater, focusing mostly on veggies. I snack a lot though, as I am still breastfeeding. The fare WAS light last night, but I could barely finish what I had on my plate...lol. I love raw veggies, as they offer more nutrients than cooked. I could be a raw vegetarian if my carnivorous husband would let me ;).

Today is light, too. I'll be making the coconut shrimp for tonight's dinner, and will post my log afterwards :).

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Tuesday. May 12, 2014


B: Eggs over baked sweet potato w/onion.  Whole avocado, coffee, 1/2 orange.


L: Organic salad greens with lemon garlic ruffy and veggies (from last night), radish, carrot, stuffed garlic green olives, cucumber, homemade vinaigrette.  Water


4:30 - coffee w/ a tsp dutch cocoa and coconut milk.


D: paleo coconut fried shrimp with garlic chili sauce.  Zoodles with garlic and ginger.  Coconut Thai soup with chicken, shrimp, carrots. Lemon mint water.


After Dinner:  small bowl of fruit (raspberries, mandarin, grapes), plain ruby red chai tea


Water throughout the day (about 5 cups).  20 minutes walking throughout the day (I walk my sons back and forth to school every day).






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L: Organic salad greens with lemon garlic ruffy and veggies (from last night), radish, carrot, stuffed garlic green olives, cucumber, homemade vinaigrette.  Water


Your food sounds delicious.


Out of curiosity, what is ruffy?

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Day 3!


Breakfast:  Eggs, sweet potato hashbrowns, avocado, raspberries, sauteed power greens (kale, chard, spinach).  All in EVOO.


Coffee - I attempted ghee and coconut cream.  I'll never do that again :wacko: .


Lunch: Green chili turkey burgers in romaine lettuce wraps.  Avocado lime sauce (pureed avocado, lime, garlic, salt, pepper).  One with sauteed mushrooms.  Carrot ginger soup. Garlic stuffed green olives, pickles, grapes.  (Pickles are Trader Joe's kosher dills.  No sugar in those or the olives).


Dinner: Apple rosemary roasted chicken with apple onion sweet potato mash, apple onion gravy (juices from chicken, veggie stock, apples, onions, rosemary, a little bit of sweet potato - made with immersion blender. Roasted brussel sprouts.  Side salad (not shown).


I made a watermelon infused water today to drink. 





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Day 4! Sugar withdrawal headache - free this morning! I feel much better :). My hubby has made it to his 3rd day (kicking and screaming for sugar...lol.)

Breakfast : sweet potato turkey sausage spinach egg bake. 1/2 avocado. 1 small sliced apple. 2 cups black coffee.

Lunch: Green chili turkey burgers with avocado lime sauce. Topped with over medium egg. Watermelon infused water. Palm size portion red grapes.

Dinner: Pot roast with veggies (butternut squash, carrots, celery, onions, button mushrooms, beets in place of tomatoes [nightshade allergy]). Fresh basil and Italian herb sauce with ghee mixed in. Served over sweet potato mash. Salad (carrots, radish, cucumber, greens, some roasted brussel sprouts). Plain water to drink.

After dinner: 1 medium orange, chamomile tea.




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HA! I've had a few coffee fails like your ghee and coconut. I find it easier to drink black coffee if I ice it and drink it cold. Love your photos. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks!  Yeah, it wasn't as good as some people said it would be!  Ick... I'd rather drink it black, or you are right - pour it over ice and add coconut milk!

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Day 5!


Meal 1:  Egg scramble in ghee with power greens (chard, kale, spinach), garnished with black olives.   3 avocado slices, 1 banana.  Black coffee.


I added a workout today ( http://bikinibodymommy.com) and ate a post workout "snack" of raw trex mix and organic dried apricots after.   Tomorrow I have hard boiled eggs and/or baked sweet potatoes! A ton of water. (Nut mix did not have peanuts!)


Meal 2: Egg salad and shredded carrot with paleo chipotle mayo, wrapped in romaine leaf.  Organic beet salad (fresh beet, ACV, salt, pepper, dried dill).  Water.


Meal 3:  I premade a lemon chicken artichoke soup for tomorrow (I need to give myself a break from fried/scrambled eggs for breakfast, so I'll eat soup.)  Ingredients are homemade veggie stock, eggs, fresh Meyer lemon (I have a huge tree), chicken from the other night's dinner, salt, pepper, frozen artichoke hearts.  Needless to say, I was kinda hungry and ate a bowl before dinner :o.

Chamomile tea.


Meal 4:  Beef stew from last night's pot roast and veggies. Black olives. No salad. Water.


After dinner?  small bowl of organic strawberries and grapes.  Ruby Red chai with coconut milk. 


I'm afraid I overdid it with the eating, but I felt more hungry after the exercise, and I'm still breastfeeding.  :unsure: .  It was a catch 22. 


I did 20 minutes walking my boys to and from school.  18 minutes high intensity interval training. 






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Wow your meals look delicious and I'm super jealous you have a Meyer lemon tree!



Thank you :).  We inherited the tree when we bought our house in 2003.  It does NOT stop producing!  It's a California curse...lol.  But the lemons are so good!

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Day 6!  :)

I really hope I'm doing this right! 


Meal 1:  Lemon chicken artichoke soup (ingredients in Day 5 post) with avocado.  1/2 orange. Black coffee.


Post workout: sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon.


Meal 2: Beef stew from leftover pot roast.  1 boiled egg, halved and deviled with paleo chipotle mayo and topped with garlic green olive.  Beet with dill salad. Water.


Meal 3: Baked beef ribs with dried apricot and prunes.  Steamed artichoke, no dipping sauce.  Mango coleslaw (mango, cabbage, carrot, rice vinegar, salt, pepper).   Water.


After dinner:  Herbal tea. 





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Day 7!


Meal 1: sweet potato hash mixed with organic power greens, avocado, olives. Apple "bagels" (slices) with organic raw almond butter.  Black coffee.


Meal 2: "Chock full of veggie" vegetarian soup.  1 hard-boiled egg with seasoning.  Watermelon infused water.


Black coffee @ 2PM


Meal 3: Leftovers from last night - ribs, mango slaw, 1/2 artichoke, spoonful stewed apricot and plum.   Water. 


After dinner: Red grapes and herbal tea. 


Walked back and forth twice to school, 20 minutes HIIT. 




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Day 8!


Meal 1:  Over easy eggs with 1/2 sliced orange.  Veggie soup. Black coffee.


Meal 2:  Applegate organic beef hot dogs with sauerkraut, veggie soup.  Water.  (I know this wasn't my best choice, but I was so busy with my kids and errands, that I didn't have leftovers or time for lunch). 


In between: chai tea with ghee and coconut cream.  Okay, this one wasn't too bad.  Better than the coffee :wacko: .


Meal 3: Turkey meatloaf muffins (turkey, egg, hand grated carrot, zucchini; cut spinach, chard, kale, garlic, salt, pepper, Italian herbs).  Topped with garlic cauliflower mash and homemade pesto (basil, pine nuts, olive oil).  Salad with veggies. Spaghetti squash with homemade tomato sauce (roma tomatoes, carrot, basil, onion, herbs).  Water.    THIS has been my reigning meal ever!  I'm so proud of myself :).


Walking as usual, and 12 minutes HIIT. 





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