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May 5th start


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I lost 16 lbs, and lotsa inches.  But I think I measured wrong.  But I was really bloated right before I started.  I dropped a dress size.  I sleep through the night.  Too well actually.  My husband's BP is in the normal range for the first time since I've known him.  My skin is clearer and we have both changed our relationship with food.  I'm looking at it less as a comfort/reward type of thing.  We reintroduced non glutonous grains, I had no problem, but my husbands BP spiked.  

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Do you think we're the only ones left awake?


Let's make a plan to get together toward the end of this W30. UP through July 1 my schedule is packed, but if you have time after, we'll meet somewhere for an ice tea or something.



 @Mik I only just saw this, so want to meet but might have to wait even longer as - get this - I am shooting a Holiday Baking and Kids Baking Show til the end of July. RIDICULOUS TEMPTATION! 

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