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Whole 30 completed! (alone)


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Whole 30 came to me on March 28th, 2014 when someone at work said "My sister recommend I do Whole 30, and I will start it on April 1st." One hour later when I got a chance to look at the main page I texted them "I am in!"


Fast forward to April 1st I jumped in head first without knowing anything out of how I am to start other than a rough guideline of healthy foods. Day 1 easy peasy this will be NO PROBLEM.... HAHA


Day 2 was more rough along with Day 3 when I saw my co-worker... Come to find out they chose not to start, and I said to myself "I started this and am so far in (third day haha)... I may as well just complete it."


By Day 7 it was more easy and I was trying new recipes, such as sweet potato fries, avocado on any/everything. Side note: I also chose to give up caffeine and carbonated anything during this time as well, so no black coffee and no carbonated lemon and lime water (homemade of course).


Day 15 (WOOT HALF WAY DONE) was the turning point. I finally was sleeping through the night (first time in like 3 months).


Usually around Day 15 it seems like it is easy and a way of life for people, but the final 15 days were harder than days 1-7 in a subconscious sense versus a "cravings" sense. I just wanted to be done with it, and was over half way there. But also during this time I started explaining to myself that I most likely will stick to this way of eating for a very long time because of how great I feel/felt.


Easter was easy to deal with. I just ate before everyone else did and then just watched them eat the wonderful dinner that I had made for them... Ham, potatoes and other foods I missed.


On days 24-26 I travelled. This was interesting because I did not go out to eat during the whole 30 days either. I pre-made and froze chicken and ate very healthy on the trip while everyone around me had such wonderful looking food. TOUGH because again the cravings weren't there but the subconscious was tired. Side note: this is when all my clothes started fitting better... I mean ALL of my clothes.


Finally Day 30 YAY!!! I went to bed early to wake up and splurge on "gross/bad" food on May 1st.


May 1st I decided to eat absolute junk including a buffet to prove that eating healthy makes you feel AMAZING. I definitely proved myself right. I also have not eaten healthy for dinner tonight and do not feel the greatest either.


I definitely will continue whole 30 with a little twist that I believe is healthy.


Also during this Whole 30 alone. I have 2 kids that had Birthdays and do not eat all of the healthy food I eat, and my wife has been pregnant during the whole thing. She craves/craved everything I LOVE and ate it in front of me because I told her she could (yes she was/is very courteous about it). I am CONVINCED anyone can complete Whole 30 on their own let alone with a partner or group. It will change your life.


I lost 15 pounds thus far and will continue to lose a total of 50 pounds due to eating healthy. I feel amazing and fit in my clothes properly AGAIN :)

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