Roast cooked in organic broth?


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That is a fine line. You might want to wait for a moderator to chime in. Here is my 2 cents. If the only thing non compliant about the broth is sugar then I would keep going. If the broth has gluten, that is a little harder but you could still keep going and see how you feel. The next thing I would do is figure out how to get through this situation without a family fight. Could you have made something else for yourself like a hamburger. Is it important for your family to be together or is it more important for you to eat exactly what they eat?

There is compliant chicken broth out there for the next time. I use imagine cage fee chicken broth. Check the label to make sure they haven't changed the ingredients. Good Luck!

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It has cornstarch and evaporated cane juice. I'm sure the amounts of each are very small. I cut grains out of my diet 8 or 9 months ago, but I have used cornstarch on occasion to thicken sauces, and I've never noticed any problems. I've managed to keep the roast up and out of the broth too, so it seems like it will be okay.


I was so concerned about making sure no alcohol went into the crockpot, that I totally didn't think about the broth! Geez. Ah well, lesson learned. 


I'm still on the fence about whether to eat it or not, but I could certainly cook a chicken breast up in no time if I need to, because eating together is more important then eating the same thing. I would just rather avoid the comments about being "food-obsessed" and wasting food (the roast), etc... 

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