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May 3rd Day 2


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I was SO good last night, I was at a friends house that typically serves up carb/buttered/fat/and other unhealthy for me laden foods (that are delicious!!) last night and brought my OWN food (cooked up lamb, garlic, and mashed cauliflower).  I even left early before they started making homemade buttered popcorn.


Onward to today Day 2....I had night sweats, and dreams of things like diet red bull, cookies, and pancakes (a typical saturday meal for me pre whole30).  My husband has been pitching it to me ALL morning and taunting me. Luckily I have persevered, I had him drive to the grocery store so I could stock up on coffee, and grab some sweet potatoes.


Happily munching on a heated up home made frittata, sweet potato and a banana.  I plan to whip up some whole30 approved pad thai for this afternoon/dinner and just try not to kill anyone in my lack of sugar aggression haze.  :) 


i keep saying "this will be worth it, this will be worth it, this will be worth it." 

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