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My re-intro plan

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6 days to go (woo hoo!) and I'm trying to map out my reintro plan so I can do it right. Here is what I have in mind...


Day 31 Dairy (or should that be later on?)


Shredded cheese on my salad

(I don't eat milk or yogurt really so what else to try? Ice cream? Curry made with dairy?)


Day 34 Rice


Basmati or plain rice

Rice wrap

Rice noodles 


Day 37 Legumes 


Chili with kidney beans


Black bean salsa 


(I don't eat peanuts or soy already. Don't like them and they give me gut rot)


Day 40 Corn


Corn chips with guacamole

Sweet corn?



Day 43 Gluten


Hamburger with a bun


Cheese free pizza?

(I don't like wheat based pasta)


I don't eat any other grains so I don't want to reintro them. I just want to try these foods as they are things I may eat socially from time to time. Does it all look okay? I don't want to mess this up, I finally got rid of my stomach pains and I want to know what caused them!



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