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Day 30!


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Day 30 has begun - but it doesn't feel like the end.  It feels like the beginning!  The beginning of taking excellent care of myself.  The beginning of whole body, mind, & spirit health!  I don't really crave sugar anymore, but it is there... lurking... I do crave cheese from time to time - good blue cheese & a glass of red wine.  

This is why I am going to continue on this journey.  I'm down a pant size - cool.  The most remarkable change is my mood - depression, lifted.  My sleep has improved.  I feel balanced.  I truly believe in ways that I hadn't before how grains and sugar affect my physiology.   

So, tomorrow will be "day 31" or "day 1" - I'll see where I am in another 30 - will I no longer think that the cupcakes in the staff lounge or my niece's confirmation celebration cake look delicious? Will I no longer wistfully look at the good cheese case at the co-op?  We'll see.  I'm going to do another 30 and then see if a re-introduction makes sense, or if I just enjoy a glass of wine and a bit of cheese with friends once in awhile as I continue eating whole30 the rest of the time - not bothering to re-introduce things that I no longer care about eating - there is a long list of those foods at this point.  

This has been the best self-care act I've embraced for myself - I'm thankful that a friend shared her book with me.  The universe provides in miraculous ways!


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