From Vegetarian to Whole 30 - I start today


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Thanks all

Liam I ate a bit of meat tonight.made a curry with lots of veggies in a curry so it sort of disguised the meat

What is interesting ,though,tonight is the first evening that I have not had the need to keep eating after dinner

As you described in an earlier post ,,,,wandering from fridge to cupboard looking for some thing...have been eating too many nuts

But to night I feel ok....hmmmm... Wander if it's the meat

I was a vegetarian years ago for about five years and then became quite anemic .I started eating meat and I do remember that I felt fantastic but after a few years slipped back into my veg ways.

Might have to do some re thinking

So for those vegetarians out there I find if you cook the meat with veggies in a sauce it's easier

I used lots of spices ,tomatoes chilli and coconut milk to make a pretty good curry.

Good luck and thanks for the support

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Progress! That's great Sarah, glad it's coming together for you. Our favorite is ground meat - easy to make into varied things and can be spiced/sauced into lots of flavors. We did a "curry" the other day too, with homemade coconut milk With what you are telling me I think that the meat is most likely part of what is making you feel better (good protein). Good fats are definitely crucial in helping you feel satiated as well. We're lucky enough to have an avocado tree in our yard and have been loving those, plus good oil/fat on our veggies (usually coco oil, olive oil, or ghee). My wife isn't fully on the plan with me as she likes to have dessert after dinner but she's breastfeeding our little one so gets some slack. It seems that the transition into feeling like one is full and not "needing something" is different for everybody, depending on the kinds of things that were eaten before the dietary change of a Whole30. I was never a coffee drinker and had been off wheat/gluten etc for months anyway, so my transition wasn't as bad as somebody whose breakfast consisted of a bagel every morning. Baby steps. All in good time....

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Thanks Liam

I tried a bit of meat again last night..went to friends for dinner and although I though I was eating ok ...veg soup,green salad ,meat,green veg,fruit ,I came home bloated and feeling really sick

I suppose the problem witheating food you havnt cooked is that u don't know what extra things have been added like thickener to meat gravy,

Everything looked ok but I couldnt ask

Had a great sleep and feel really good today although still somewhat uninspired for breakfast

I have a severe intolerance to avo and a few other fruits and veg(tried Brussels sprout last night which may be what made me sick)

I can not face another egg for breakfast

Made delicious fritters yesterday...saw on another post

Anyway I am now officially no more a vegetarian title ...flexetarian

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Interesting.... Bummer on the bloat. And bummer you couldn't ask as well. Dynamics with friends (or acquaintances) can be challenging sometimes, as people can be touchy about food. Considering how it made you feel, that might prompt a friendly question before food is served.... something along the lines of "so I'm trying this new diet and am learning how to cook different things... can you tell me how you made X and what's in it?" At least you will know what is in it, then you can perhaps politely decline a sauce, etc as you are "temporarily avoiding" a certain component. I know it's not as easy as all of that, especially with friends. Nobody wants to be "that person", but in terms of your health a good relationship can withstand some pickiness. ;)

Intolerance for avo?!?! Say it ain't so! Kidding of course. My office mate can't stand avo and makes a sour face when he sees me eating it, lol! Thankfully I'm pretty good with most things, though I think it's turnips I'm not a big fan of. Thinking out loud on the food intolerances, perhaps a food allergy? Brussels sprouts.... brassica family I think... Any other brassicas your body doesn't like? Broccoli / cabbage / etc?

Some folks here eat their leftover dinner for breakfast. Everybody is different. I end up having eggs for every meal during the week in the form of "egg muffins", but eggs aren't everybody's favorite. Perhaps another form of protein with a fat? Wish I could be more help with that, but I'm not the chef in the family. I just happily devour the tasty creations that my wife comes up with. Speaking of that, I really want to try those fritters! I saw probably the same post (fairly long thread at this point) and they looked YUM!

If you haven't already checked it out, you might find some more inspiration in the Vegetarian section of the forum. I haven't spent much time there myself yet, but I'm thinking that there might be more "flexetarians" there too!

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Thanks Liam

Yup I have an intolerance to brassica family.

I have seen a dietician but have been aware of this most of my life

Medical science has finally caught up and published articles on fodmaps ....threshers a group of foods that some people can't tolerate

Avo and coconut are in there

Makes this whole30 interesting for me as there are quite a few beforehand fruits that give me stomach ache

So that is why I need to try meat and chicken which interestingly causes no adverse symptoms

The fritters are delicious

Had them with eggs for breakfast

Not quite ready to try dinner left overs for breakfast yet but will check out veg section


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Just checking in with fellow (ex)vegetarians

How is everyone doing

I have decided to include chicken and meat for the 30 days and then rethink

Funnily enough I find it easier to eat small pieces of chicken or meat cooked plainly

I eat eggs for breakfast but am finding lunch a challenge as I used to eat a lot of bread and cereal

Cant face meat twice a day

It's ok at dinner

Tried eating left over fried fish for breakfast...did not like

I have trouble with salad,1, cos I am too lazy to make it for lunch and 2 ,I get indigestion from most raw veggies

I also realize now it was the salad dressings I loved about salad

I am learning a lot about myself

Any suggestions for tasty quick easy lunch?


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For a pretty easy lunch I've been really into the Waldorf Tuna Salad from Well Fed. Serve over some baby greens and it's good to go. It makes two servings at a time (two cans of tuna), and is pretty easy to make. Including the homemade mayo if you have a blender.

For another breakfast idea, I've been making sausage patties out of ground turkey and some sausage spice blend my BF found on the internet somewhere. Also pretty easy to make, makes a bunch, and super delicious.

Lastly, it sounds like you may not be that into beef, but if you want to give it a try, the chocolate chili, also form Well Fed, is worth a go. Just make with some fat other than coconut.

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