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My skin looks better than your pie

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I hate barbeque. I don't actually hate it, I just end up eating it a lot for my job. It's typically meat, with some sort of sauce (hopefully on the side), which may or may not be nasty tasting, baked beans, (sugar laden goo), white rolls (gross even if you are not doing Whole30,), potato salad, cole slaw, which may or may not be full of sugar and bad oil. And usually unsweet tea or water.


So Yesterday, day four, I'm already in the angry stage and I have a family celebration. I'd love some alchol for dealing with family, but of course that's out. It was a bbq, and my sister made a lovely cake, and my mom made pie, the best pie in the world.


I can have two things, the cole slaw sans dressing and the meat (no sauce it was on the side) and unsweet tea.


I ate, I went and looked at the deserts, and then I started to pout, "what's the point?" why can't I have??? Well first of all this is a choice, as was the last month--21 days of clean eating before (followed by 10 days of Easter excess so I still don't know what is my "sensitivity", probably sugar and flour) Second of all, you feel bad, tired, something is "off" and you need to fix it. Third, are you really upset? or did the email tell you you should feel upset?


The I thought about how my skin looked this morning. (It looks 20 years younger than me). People ask me what I clean my skin with, what I "put on it" and when I say, "it's not what I put on my skin, it's what I put IN MY MOUTH" they don't want to hear it.


So vanity won, pretty skin, and the promise of energy which has been missing for a year, won over mom's pie. I went home and celebrated with a lime spritzer. (shot of lime juice and bubbly water) Now come on energy!

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