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First Whole 30 for Ambie


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Day 1- May 2


This month was crazy with two birthdays, daughters 19th and sisters 40th last week of the month.

Talk about food and sugar overload. :wacko:

Today I was definitely in a sugar coma and glad to be doing something about it.


Had great success today even the black coffee. I'm a Tim Horton addict with 2 cream daily.Looking forward to seeing the results of this food reset, especially the rash that is on my face right now. I know it is from the gluten, I have been cheating alot lately as I have celiac disease. It is time to wise up and listen to my body.

Good luck to all as we power thorough the next 30 days!


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Day 2

Slight headache today but nothing major. Had great breakfast of egg omelet with steak and sauteed onions and peppers and salsa on top.Plus found great "treat" from Good Cheap Eats called Monkey Salad. One banana sliced with 1-2Tbsp of cashews and coconut flakes. I prefer it without coconut but it is so yummy either way. Kind of salty and sweet. :)

Lunch was turkey sausages and roasted sweet potatoes with a bunch of raw veges.

Dinner was at my mom's(oh no, usually gain 5lbs just walking in her door) but I resisted.

Roast chicken with salad, sweet potatoes roasted with rosemary and green beans and almonds. All so delicious

Then she brings out cake for our other guests and thankfully a fruit salad for me which I drizzled with coconut milk.

Caught myself a few times reaching for the no-nos but I succeeded.

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Congratulations with staying with the program. Your meal choices sound good. The monkey salad is a problem, however. Monkey salad is a poor choice during a Whole30 because it is dessert and we want you to break the habit of eating dessert. One of the things that may be hard to appreciate at first is just because all the ingredients in something are acceptable does not make the combination a good thing to eat. There are 1000s of websites and recipes for Paleo treats on the internet. Paleo treats will ruin your Whole30 results faster than the speed of light. We want you to enjoy your meals, your food in general, but not "treats." 

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Day 3

Another good day. 

Breakfast- 2 eggs scrambled and 3 turkey sausages, black coffee

Lunch- banana, bluberries and almond milk smoothy

Dinner- Roast pork, sweet potatoes and carrots and salad with oil and vinegar dressing


In town this afternoon so the smoothie was my best choice. Need to learn to plan ahead.

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ambie? Did you look at the meal template? I find following that for every meal is what makes the difference for people being successful on the program. It's not just because those guidelines are best for health, but they also support you nutritionally to be able to make good choices all day long.


If i had a smoothie for lunch I would not have made it to dinner without eating again (and possibly choosing something off-plan at that point). Eat protein, vegetables and good fat at EVERY SINGLE MEAL (even breakfast) and it will be much easier and more enjoyable.


Here is the meal template: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf

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Breakfast-One hardboiled egg, banana,cashews &coconut

Lunch-Beef lettuce wraps used coconut aminos, fish sauce and garlic chili for sauce.

Supper-Baked chicken breast, acorn squash,green beans with almonds and tried wilted spinach with kale. Not my favorite

Craving sweets this evening.

Wanting some variety too

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Day 5

Breakfast-Smoothie with Unsweetened vanilla almond milk, frozen berries and banana. Tired of eggs already and it's only day 5,Ro going to be a long month

Lunch-Roast chicken with salad and homemade dressing with paleo mayo, coconut milk and herbs

Supper- Grilled pork steak steamed carrots and cauliflower rice. Never made this before but this was pretty good. But it was still just cauliflower.

Actually made it to the gym today and felt pretty good

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Day 6

Breakfast-Hard boiled egg and banana with cashews, coconut and hemp hearts

Lunch- Had to have lunch out today so I made the best of it, Carl's jr. lettuce wrapped burger with guacamole and sweet potatoe fries. Not as great of a meal as having a homemade lunch but it was the best choice possible

Supper- Taco meat on spinach and kale with avocado and salsa

Very tired today

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Day 7

Feeling really good today. Pants feel so much bigger today.

Breakfast- two scrambled eggs and a couple homemade sausages

Lunch- leftover taco salad

Prework out- orange

Supper- grilled salmon filet with mango guacamole, steamed broccoli, and mashed sweet potatoes. Delicious meal.

Very happy to say that I resisted all temptation even though we had a fundraiser bake sale at work. Even baked some goodies without a single lick of the finger.

Finding myself very tired around 9pm every night.

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Day 8

Found myself to very irritable today which sucked as I had such a great day yesterday

Breakfast- Hardboiled egg, banana with cashews, flaked coconut and hemp seeds

Lunch- leftovers from last nights supper.

Supper- Was very late getting home and starving, just wanted to go out for wings and a drink instead a barbequed burger patty dipped in salsa and carrot and celery sticks

Again tired in the evening and don't do well if I am hungry

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Day 9

Breakfast-2 scrambled eggs and a couple homemade sausages

Lunch-Was cooking at staff BBQ fundraiser all afternoon, had two hot dogs but no bun and some vege sitcks

Snack-strawberries and cashews

Supper-steak and grilled veges

Very impressed that I still resisted all the temptations of chips and baking and popcorn.

Think I'm catching a cold though.

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The template includes 1-3 cups of veggies, 1-2 thumb sized portions of compliant fat and 1-2 palm sized servings of protein.  It looks like you're missing veggies in your breakfast meals.  Also, smoothies are not part of the plan.  It's not necessary to eat eggs for breakfast if you don't enjoy them.  Any protein will do.

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Ambie- I'm a little confused looking at your log. Tom and I (and now Mangio_bene) have all given you advice on how to eat to be successful with the program, but I don't see you taking any of that advice. It is your choice, of course, but I hate to see you suffer. You are tired and hungry because you are not following the meal template.  Why put in so much work to be "technically compliant" and not go all the way? This is not a calorie-restricted diet where feeling tired and hungry has some sort of virtue. If you are tired and hungry it means you need to adjust your food intake.


Here is the meal template: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf


Here is the "can I have" guide (look at the smoothie section and the sweet potato fries section): http://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/

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