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Tomorrow is the last day...


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Started on April 7th...finishing tomorrow.  My fiance and I had a crazy whole30 experience that has proven that if you're dedicated and want something, you'll do whatever it takes to get there.


Justin's uncle passed away April 15th.  We were well into our w30 and had to travel to Michigan for 5 days.  I suggested giving up w30 for now because I thought it would be impossible to continue while we were gone.  I was actually nervous about being away from my kitchen and relying on others to understand what we were doing.  We powered through and made it work.  Preparation was key and finding a local Whole Foods in Ann Arbor saved us.  We didn't get as much protein as we should have during that time, but we made do with what we could.


I went away to the beach and brought food to prepare.  It was fine.  I wasn't nervous.  In fact, I felt empowered to cook for a friend and show her that w30 meals are delicious, if not better than just eating clean.  


This past weekend my mom and I travelled to DC so that I could try on wedding gowns.  I was really nervous they weren't going to fit, but my stylist said that there was no way I was the size that I told them I was and had to clamp the dresses quite a bit.  That felt really good to know that my body HAS changed despite being unable to weigh myself.  I even continued to eat w30 compliant while in DC and felt really good while I was there.


The past few weeks flew by - I kept telling myself, "you can do ANYTHING for 30 days" and man...with a little determination, willpower, and support, it's completely true.


I've gained confidence, to be able to say NO to food that does nothing to fuel my body/mind, I've lost inches and pounds (not sure what yet...I'll let ya know tomorrow :) and I've never felt better with sleep, mental clarity, my skin is clear....the list goes on and on.  


Anyone else find themselves reflecting on the eve of the end of their w30 experience?

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We did have to eat out both in Michigan and again in Georgetown.  I also went to lunch with a friend locally prior to our trips.  I usually made up my own entree - sometimes I'd order a steak and a side of veggies, at one of the places they had bison burgers, so I had that with a side of veggies.  I ordered a hamburger sans bun from a restaurant that serves local, non-GMO, and organic food with avocado spread and tomatoes.  I made up a salad when I went out and that had chicken, hard boiled eggs, and I used olive oil and vinegar for the dressing.  In DC we went out for breakfast and I had scrambled eggs with a side of bacon.  Everywhere we ate I asked what the food was cooked in and tried to look on Yelp for local places that serve mostly organic/grass fed/non-GMO food.  I definitely put in the research before we picked a place to eat and like I said, ALWAYS asked what the food was cooked in/how it was prepared/if it came with any sauce.  Also, chipotle is a favorite of ours and they're everywhere so we stopped when we were driving.   


Surprisingly, servers were extremely accommodating and helpful when it came to ordering w30 compliant.  At several places, staff would go to the kitchen to ask what the food was cooked in, or if they had enough lettuce to sub as a bun, then I found that servers would alert us that a dish came with bread and asked if we wanted them to exclude that.  It wasn't hard, and like I said, ya gotta do your research prior to going somewhere.  Hopefully that helps - sorry for the lengthy answer.  :)

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Wow - that's great slcampbell2!  I only ate out once.  I had rib-eye steak and eggs.  So many diversions for you and yet you did the best you could and were compliant.  My hat goes off to you.  Congratulations!


This is the eve of my last day on Whole 30 too.  I started on April 7 also.  I started out with a very sore throat from LPR/GERD, clogged sinuses and other digestive issues.  The first few days were the hardest for me.  I was nauseated, had a headache and was very tired.  I was surprised because I thought I was eating pretty healthily before and didn't expect any side effects.  But I was wrong.  They passed by the end of the week.  And so did my sore throat!  I was surprised by that improvement too.  Didn't really expect that to happen.  My sinuses have been clearing once in a while too and my digestive issues have improved dramatically.  I am cautiously hopeful that there is more improvement ahead.  I'm staying on this eating plan because I want to see just how good I can feel and how many of my many symptoms will go away or get better.  


I've been sleeping very well and seem much more relaxed.  I didn't want to lose weight.  In the last 3 years I've lost about 55-60 pounds due to health issues and at one point was down to the 100 pound mark.  It was scary.  I almost didn't  go on this eating plan because I thought I would just lose more weight.  Well I was wrong.  I haven't weighed but I'm pretty sure I've gained at least 5 pounds by the way my clothes fit.  Three years ago I would never have said that I'm happy to have gained weight!  But I am.  I feel better and I think I look better too.  I was looking quite gaunt.  But most important to me, I feel better.


So tomorrow is our big day.  What are you going to do to celebrate?  I'm taking my dog, Charlie to his first day of training.  That will be fun.  Maybe we'll celebrate with some organic fruit!  How about you?



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Congrats on finishing strong!! So exciting and such a proud feeling to have accomplished such a major change in lifestyle.

Sounds like you have a fun day planned!! We are celebrating tonight with steaks and sweet potatoes. Looking forward to it!!

Have a fabulous day and enjoy your accomplishment!!

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