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Day 29, confused on next step

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So, I am not really sure where to start so here goes-I apologize in advance for the rant. I am on day 29 of the Whole 30 and feeling a little discouraged about not feeling better. First off, let me say there are a lot of life situations that may be the blame there. I am a 36, was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus 6 years ago and have been on prednisone most of that time for joing pain. I really want to lead a more natural, clean life which is why I wanted to do the Whole 30 in the first place. My hopes were to alleviate some joint pain, feel better, have more energy and sleep better. I guess I am not really sure if any of these has happened, but that could be in large part to my toddler(2.5yrs) and baby (11 mos) that have not let me sleep much in this past few months due to teething, colds, nightmares, etc:)  Anyhow, my joints have always been the worst when I don't get enough sleep, so I know this is most likely the main cause of not feeling better.


I guess where I need advice is this....should I keep going since I haven't experienced any relief? Should I do the AIP-I really think I would struggle with this as I eat eggs every day and love nuts occasionally. I really wanted this to be a lifestyle change, although I am missing the occasional glass of wine and would love to re-introduce that:) I am just not sure where to go from here, I am disappointed-but realize this has not a lot do with the diet, and more about being a mom of young children. I am assuming I would have been even more wiped out if I hadn't been doing this diet:)  I feel if I did the re-introduction now I would just be trying to figure out if I feel even more sore than I already am, etc, when adding stuff in.


I hope this made sense, guess I just want input on if I should re-introduce foods, keep going, or get more strict with AIP. Or (am I dreaming) re-intro wine and keep all else Whole 30....would that be a waste?



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Hi bubyelupus,


You are correct that being sleep deprived is an issue that is certainly preventing you from feeling as great as you could.


Look over the AIP shopping list and identify how many AIP foods you eat and how often. Is it only eggs, and occasional nuts? Or are your go to veggies and spices also not AIP friendly? If so it might be worth trying some new ones.


Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed 2 is an outstanding cookbook, with many recipes easily modified to be AIP per her explicit instructions. It's a book you want to own even without that piece.


I found that replacing that evening drink with sparkling water/club soda with a squeeze of lime/lemon in a nice cocktail glass very satisfying. Like you, I wanted to reintro wine, but found that it made me feel noticeably less good. Darn it! So don't feel like you can't have a glass of wine on occasion, but it sure won't make you feel the way you're hoping to feel.


My advice is to try to keep on for a little while longer (another 10 days, maybe?) then do the reintros as suggested. I have had excellent results sticking to the Whole30 for all my basic meals, and indulging on occasion, mindfully.

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Thanks Ultrarunnergirl! I will take a look at the AIP again, I think I was feeling overwhelmed, but now that I have completed a Whole 30 I think I may be up for the challenge. I was worried about spices and such as well.


I think I just needed to run it by someone, I have had some sparkling water with fruit-you are right, it is a nice "mocktail." I think I am going to follow your advice and do another 10 days or so and re-intro some foods. And maybe the occasional glass of wine on a special occasion:)


Thanks for the motivating support!!

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