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Limiting foods?

David Frascone

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Two questions really:

1) In the shopping list, what *exactly* does limit mean? I need a little more definition.

2) And the real question: I nibble on sunflower seeds. I love that they govern the amount I can eat, due to the time it takes to crack the shells. I go through about .5-1 serving (1/4 to 1/2 cup, shelled) a day .. . . maybe one full cup on a stressful day. Sunflower seeds are on the "limit" list. But, what exactly is the limit?

It's going to be hard enough giving up my passion for the dill and chili lime flavors . . . I don't wanna give up the healthy parts too!



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There is no hard and fast rule regarding limit foods. The idea is that you understand these foods are not the healthiest choices you can make and you adjust accordingly. The ideal would be that you cook with them every once in a while to add a hint of flavor or a bit of crunch in a meal. How often is every once in a while? Maybe once or twice a week.

Eating limit foods as a snack is okay occasionally. Again, maybe once or twice per week. How much in a serving? Maybe one or two tablespoons or as many as you can grasp in your closed fist.

The Whole30 is a customizable program. For example, if someone has bad sugar cravings, we may recommend not eating fruit because people with sugar cravings tend to keep them alive by eating fruit and tend to eat too much fruit. They can resolve their sugar issues faster by avoiding fruit just like they avoid sugar. Which brings me to you and sunflower seeds... It sounds like you are using them as a stress management tool. While your overall volume of seeds is not awful, it is a bad idea to manage stress with food. We ask people not to chew gum during a Whole30 because constant chewing is a bad idea... it fakes out your system. I'm afraid nibbling on sunflower seeds is similar. I'd recommend that you stop nibbling on sunflower seeds during your Whole30. It interferes with developing a healthier relationship with food. Sorry about that!

You can still cook with dill, chilies, and lime, but I'm guessing you were eating flavored sunflower seeds?

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