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I completed my "Whole32" on May 1st, and I added two extra days as I discovered on Day 28 of my 30 days that I might have accidently ingested a couple of "bad foods." (Microscopic amounts, and I am still not 100% sure if I did).


Here are my numbers for my Whole32...

Weight lost: 24 pounds (!)

Sizes Lost: One pants and one shirt size (I can fit into my old "better" wardrobe again)

New Resting Heartrate: 49 bpm

Other benefits: I'm never exhausted, and I sleep like a baby every night and I no longer get headaches.


I plan on continuing this style of eating, as I realized I don't miss diary at all, and really, REALLY enjoy cooking all my meals.

This past weekend I went to a wedding, and had a half a piece of cake. I couldn't believe how sweet it was... so much so that it was overkill. I didn't crave an additional bite (as I usually would). I also avoided the mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and sweet dinner rolls like they weren't even there. Anytime I would go away to a wedding weekend, (or any vacation) I'd always gain a bit of weight, and this time I didn't!


My workouts have gotten stronger, and I have since shortened them to under an hour of some form High Intensity Interval Training. I did a gym/outdoor workout 24 days out of 32 Whole30 days.


And my arm is finally healed, and I only need two more Physical Therapy workouts!


I always was told in the gym when I was young that food choices make up 85% of your appearance, and now I finally realize it.


The best part of this whole process is that I got my wife to join me for the last 9 days of my Whole30, and the food choices she made completely rewired her tastebuds and she is no longer a sugar-addict (like I was).


Thanks all!



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This is such an amazing outcome. But this...


Weight lost: 24 pounds (!)


Holy crap!


(I especially liked that you tacked on a couple of extra days just because you might have ingested some microscopic amount of noncompliant food.)

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Thanks Physibeth... I got slightly lost on the forum this morning for some reason.


Glenn, I had to eat out a few times, and one time I was playing the "what does that taste like" game... is that Soy... or Sesame Oil... or Canola? I have a pretty good palate (Like I can taste the corn in bacon/pork that a pig eats)... but I wasn't sure. I remember picking off the raw fish from top of the rice for the platters we had at a birthday party... it was rather taxing. I did go home that night and have an Epic bar and leftover chicken (in rather ravenous style).


I did unfortunately use Goya Coconut Milk the first day... and the funny thing is the package I found was a "spanish" only package I grabbed from a small spanish deli/grocer, and I SWORE it didn't list Carrageenan as an inngredient. Anyways, I didn't like how it separated, so I moved onto 365 brand when I was ready to try a "decent" replacement for cream for my espresso/coffee later that week. Two weeks later... I checked out the label of another can I got from the online grocer I use, and I was pissed to see Carrageenan on the label! I have since moved onto Aroy-D Coconut Cream for coffee.


The weight shocked me... but I know a good amount of it was water weight (I always hold a lot of salt) and inflammation weight from my arm surgery recovery. Salty meals ALWAYS lead me to eating sugar to counteract the taste left in my mouth... so it was a bad combo.


I do plan on eating this way everyday I am at home, which is often since I work at home 90% of the time and can continually cook. (I am just running out of meats to try...)


Also, has anyone found a Paleo/Whole30 compliant Hot Dog?

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