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Starting today 5/5/14


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Well this is my second whole30. My last whole30 was more like a whole26. I lasted about 7 months at a 80% paleo lifestyle until December hit. In December I stopped working out and started eating everything insight. I have gained over 20 pounds since December. I started working out again in January and workout about 3 times a week. I have not been able to lose the 20+ pounds I put on, mainly because I still eat terribly and drink way too much.

So today out of all days I start whole30 on cinco de mayo. I want to let anyone know who reads this post my drink of choice my favorite alcoholic drink is a nice cold Pacifico. I love Pacifico!! I also love tacos, so tonight I am having taco salad. Iam not having a Pacifico (tears)!! I am stronger then Pacifico!!

Day 1 - 5foot7, 179 pounds. I promise myself I will do whole30 no cheats for 30 days. I will not weigh myself until June 5th. I will take a picture of myself today and another one on June 5th. I hope to post about my progress and read other peoples posts. My husband is doing this with me. The last time he did this he lost way more weight then me but he went a bit crazy the first few days. For example he put my 2.5 year old so 1.5 year old at the time in timeout at 3:00 in the morning.

Wish us luck!!

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