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First Day - Tuesday 6th May 2014


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Hi Everyone!


I ordered my book last week and I'm still waiting for it to arrive but I just couldn't wait to start.  So, today is my first day.


I weighed myself this morning and took all my measurements so that I can check any differences in my body after the 30 days. I am keen to lose weight/body fat but I'm also hoping for other positive changes to my health, fitness and stress levels.


I'm a 41 year old married mum of two (daughter = 7 years old, son = 4 years old) and a mature student. I'm a regular runner and exerciser but I struggle with emotional eating and a fondness for wine after a stressful day.


My menu for today:


Breakfast : Spinach & tomato 2 egg omelette and black coffee


Lunch: Baked sweet potato with Tuna, spring onions, tomatoes, olives and avocado


Dinner: King prawn & butternut squash Thai red coconut curry with steamed broccoli


I'm planning a run before dinner too.


Good Luck to anyone else starting today!




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My husband and I started May 6th as well. First whole30, so hoping to stick it out and keep going. I'm 32 mom of 3 (13,5 and 2).

Currently working on getting off my thyroid medication. Hoping this will be the jump start my body needs to start regulating its own hormones.

Trying to kick up my exercise routine.

Good luck!

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Hi Jenna


Good Luck to you and your husband too!


How is day 3 treating you? I went for a run this morning and have felt exhausted since. I'd have normally 'treated' myself to a huge carb-fest lunch (pasta, pasta and more pasta) afterwards but I stuck to my guns and had Salmon, sweet potato & broccoli!!!!


My book arrived today so I've started reading that to keep my motivation up.


My in-laws have invited us for dinner tomorrow but I'm not going. They are all very naturally slim (grrrr!) and will be eating huge amounts of delicious food and drinking plenty of wine. I could go, have the protein & veg and drink water but I don't think I have the strength for that right now.


I'm really worried that I'm going to struggle at the weekend....we usually have plenty of wine and deserts.....I'm going to have to stay focussed!!!!


Bye for now!

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