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Pre and Post Workout Meals


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I am starting my whole30 for the first time tomorrow. I eat about 80% paleo currently but thought the whole30 would be a great way to further my results.

I am concerned about my pre and post workout meals and I'd love to know what people eat pre and post. I usually have my Vega Pre-Workout shake since I train really early and then muscle milk after. I can make a yam I know but I dont eat chicken or red meat so I need some more ideas. Espessially for before my workouts. I have made some salmon jerky which is great but any other ideas people.

Monday Wednesday and Friday I need a meal that travels because I do double workouts in the mornings on those days. That's why the muscle milk and powders came in handy.

Any thoughts people? Thanks so much this is a really great forum.

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I am also curious about double workout days. Some days I work out first thing in the morning (5:00 am Crossfit style workouts) and then do my runs or bike work after work. Do I eat two pre and post workout meals?

I can see doing a pre and post for the morning, followed by a later breakfast once I get to work. But would a pre-workout meal be necessary for the evening cardio? And could my dinner be the post-workout meal?

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