Fell pregnant in first Whole30

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Hey everyone...

I found out last week that we're expecting our first baby (5 weeks today!).. so excited!

We had been trying for a good 6 months but was worried about my hormonal ups and downs and irregular cycles. I fell pregnant a week into my first whole30... I'm sure it must be a coincidence as surely it would take at least 3 months to have any big effect on my hormones? Its not just my whole 30 but my first foray into paleo land!!


Anyway.. I've been feeling a little queasy and had lots of bloating and gas (I actually posted another post before I knew I was preggo about my GI complaints but guess this could explain it??).


I've seen a couple of articles about not eating too much protein in pregnancy? So do you think it is important to make sure I'm getting loads of veggies with each meal? I do mainly eat veg heavy meals but sometimes just fancy some bacon... mmm bacon or other meaty morsel on its own...


Also what is the consensus with oily fish? In the UK they say limit it to 2-3 portions per week. Now I would quite often have it for two meals a day, and know Omega3 is really important for the little tiddler. I get the mercury thing but also know Selenium will absorb the mercury and perhaps it's not as dangerous as we're made to believe? What are the guidelines over the pond?


Also - was all geared up to try offal but understand you should steer clear of liver in pregnancy as well because of the toxic levels of VitA. Just wondering what people's experiences / views are.


Looking forward to getting your advice during this exciting time!!

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Actually I think you're supposed to eat more protein during pregnancy, not less, and certainly if you're craving it. Many women can't stomach it in the beginning. 


During my second pregnancy I craved beef constantly. I wanted steak and roast beef and hamburgers. My doctor said to eat up, that eating lots of meat, fruit and vegetables was the best thing and that the worst thing you can eat while pregnant is sugar.

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I don't know about vitamin A, they also caution about it here in NL. But I know I didn't want any liver or organ meat during my pregnancies, while I do like to eat it every now and than. I also craved beef a lot, hamburgers and such were a frequent meal for me.

I guess listening to your body is a good way to start, especially now that you are eating clean and kicking the @ss of those sugar deamons :)

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I am in exactly the same boat!!  Planning to start Whole30 and then found out I was pregnant 2 days ago... probably about 5-ish weeks too.  Congrats!  I just read the part in the book about being careful with too much protein during pregnancy.  I think it said something like 20% of your total calories (at most) should be from protein.  My question is, since we're not counting or calculating, and most of our food shouldn't even have nutrition labels per se, what's an easier way to figure this?  My guess is that on an average day I don't come close to 20% so I should be safe, but as I'm going to be ramping up the meat when I start the whole30 (next week-ish) I'm a little more concerned. Mostly I'm just overwhelmed at this whole thing, but I am truly excited about it as well!

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