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Wow. Just found your log. Amazing work doing this while pregnant. I wish I'd taken this great care of myself. (Of course while pregnant with DD the mere thought of anything green made me want to vomit. I only wanted to eat Mexican food and saltines.)

Boo to that midwife! If you are eating healthfully that's what important. I started my second pregnancy smaller than my first and I carefully monitored my weight the whole time. Then I gained da bunch afterwards anyway when my daughter didnt sleep (or take a bottle) for 18 mos. Eh. Keep doing what you're doing and hope you get the good midwife for your birth!

Exciting fruit is often a let down. Though I did find some amazingly sweet and juicy tangelos at a local store.

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Thanks, Beets! I feel really lucky to feel as good as I do in my second trimester, I think if I had full term nausea, my daughter would have been an only child ☺️.

My midwife is amazing and came to my birth EVEN THOUGH she wasn't on call, so I know she would do it again. The other midwife is notorious for stripping membranes, breaking water and a host of other interventions I'd like to avoid. I'm so grateful to have a great birthing team! (I'm re-hiring the doula I used last time as well.)

I can totally see myself gaining a ton of weight when I have a toddler and a newborn, I think that's why I'm so focused on doing what I can right now...

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I had zero nausea with my son, except the very early weeks when it was August and I had to walk down the steamy garbage and urine smelling streets of Manhattan to get to work. I felt amazing during the whole pregnancy.

Daughter was totally different. I was nauseated almost the entire pregnancy. I had been eating very healthfully going into the pregnancy and it was a real struggle to eat anything but bready carbs.

And we thought my son was a bad sleeper. I was convinced my second would be my good sleeper. The cozy baby who napped and slept easily. I had a very fast home birth (one hour of labor) and she was such a peaceful little bean, till around 8 weeks. If my first had slept like her I definitely would have only had one!

I always say I'm a great baby haver (in Spiritual Midwifery lingo), but not great once the babies are born! There is a book called All Joy and No Fun. There was an interview with the writer on Feesh Air this week but I swear I heard it before. The writer says parents fall into three categories when it comes to dealing with sleep deprivation: one third is tired but handles it, one third has difficulty at home and work but pushes through, and for the last third sleep deprivation is "catastrophic." That was me!

Great piece though about parenting in general of you haven't already heard: http://www.npr.org/2015/01/30/382428335/are-we-having-fun-yet-new-book-explores-the-paradox-of-parenting

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Just had déjà vu feeling I've already said all of this, maybe last year, or maybe I'm just hallucinating. My little girl will be 4 in May (?!?) and she still wakes up nightly needing me to fix her blankets or settle her back to sleep.

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Beets, I started writing a reply twice and accidentally closed the page. Basically- wow- that must have been an intense hour! My labor was 7 hours and felt pretty intense right off the bat, so, one hour?! Amazing.

Secondly, I want to listen/finish the rest of that article, I can totally relate to parts of it! I am lucky and deal with sleep deprivation pretty well but I think my hippie Hypnobabies training helped me be a more mellow person in general... 

I cannot imagine not getting a full night's sleep in 4 years though, that would be rough! 

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Day 6: 

M1: 2 eggs fried in ghee over roasted sweet and white potatoes

M2: eggplant cooked in olive oil and roasted spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and spicy chicken sausage

M3: spag. squash casserole with tomato sauce and spicy chicken sausage, marinated eggplant (in balsamic, basil and olive oil) and date, shallot, almond salad (google ottolenghi date salad, omit pitas, so so good).

I know I ate some cashews during the day and maybe a dried apricot at some point today or yesterday...not very good at keeping track of that... but it's usually while I'm cooking.
I'm not hungry enough to be eating a fourth meal (and can't really imagine preparing another one!)... but sometimes I don't feel like I'm eating enough. Some days are just busy though, and I still have a cold so I'm probably not as hungry as I'd normally be. I do feel like I'm relying on sweet and white potatoes to help fill me up (sometimes twice a day!) and while that's probably not encouraged, it sure is helping make this a very manageable pregnant whole30. 

It may be a total coincidence but I don't have any of my usual pregnancy heart burn!



Day 7:

M1: frittata with spinach, bacon (MY FIRST WHOLE30 with BACON!), white and sweet potatoes, coffee with coconut milk

M2: orange; tuna, avocado, cucumber salad with kalamata olives and capers

M3: coconut chicken fingers with mango dipping sauce, broccoli, strawberry, almond salad, roasted white and sweet potato wedges. 

after dinner: green tea, banana with almond butter

Cooked dinner for my sister and her family tonight, I was so nervous how everything would turn out but I was pleased in the end.

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Day 8:

M1: leftover frittata, coffee with coconut milk

M2: leftover broccoli strawberry almond salad and coconut chicken with mango sauce

ate a bunch of cashews while cooking dinner, which kept being put off since my baby was being stubborn about going to sleep. Dinner was finished close to 10, in the meantime, I was really hungry...

M3: crab legs with clarified butter, seared scallops, roasted garlic mashed red potatoes, salad with orange poppyseed dressing (meh) with strawberries and pecans. 

M(snack)4: cherry pie lara bar and mint tea. Wanted something sweet to eat while I served my husband brownies.

It was such a treat to have good seafood and we saved so much money by not going out to eat! 

Had a super emotional pregnant lady day, it was exhausting. 

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Day 9:

In a total emotional funk, probably thanks to pregnancy hormones. REALLY TRYING to pull myself out of it by cleaning my house, a tidy space helps me feel encouraged and sane. So even though I'm a bit sleep deprived and exhausted and want to lay on the couch watching netflix till I fall asleep, I'm giving myself just a few more minutes of computer time and then I'm getting to work! 

In other news, I love this round of whole30 so much, I don't understand why it's going so well but it's probably due to white potatoes and how much of them I eat. If I wasn't pregnant, I'd probably work harder on that. 

M1: leftover frittata, coffee with coconut milk and a banana, I think?

M2: AHMAZING tuna cakes- (tuna packed in olive oil, sautéed shallot, capers, leftover roasted garlic mashed potatoes and an egg formed into cakes then browned in ghee) and an orange, date with almond butter

M3: zucchini noodles with tomato sauce and 1 spicy chicken sausage link

M4: 1/2 avocado with lime and a serving of plantain chips

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Day 10! Snowed all day, crazy for Kentucky. So glad to be a third of the way already. 

M1: butternut squash frittata with onions and basil, coffee with coconut milk

M2: Leftover tuna cakes, kiwi, a serving of plantain chips with 1/2 avocado. 

M3: stir fried cabbage, carrot and celery with "kung pao" shrimp and cashews. Not that good considering how long it took to make and the mess it made. Oh well, they can't all be winners! Might have some fruit with almond butter before bed, shrimp for dinner never fills me up. Stayed up late cleaning last night so I doubt I'll even be up much longer. 

edited to add: cashews and apricots before bed. 

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Day 11: Rough day, sleep deprived and snowed in. Stayed compliant but not pretty much half assed it today.

Overtired, unproductive and grumpy. Definitely would have eaten just Annie's mac and cheese and toast if I wasn't doing whole30! 

M1: leftover butternut squash frittata, coconut milk coffee

M2: applegate hot dog, leftover roasted garlic mashed potatoes, apple with almond butter

snack: a serving of plantain chips, strawberries

M3: 3 eggs fried in ghee, sweet potato and kale fritters, 2 dates with almond butter.

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Day 12: Snowed in again. Running low on eggs! I tried ONCE AGAIN to make magical mayo although this time I followed a recipe using cooked yolks and ONCE AGAIN wasted a cup of olive oil. So frustrated. 

M1: 2 eggs fried in ghee and sautéed sweet potato and kale

M2: tuna salad on apple slices, cashews, deviled eggs (4 halves) plus 1/2 a serving or so plantain chips.

M3: Mini meatloaves with roasted carrots, zucchini and red potatoes. 

green mint tea.

Happy to have gotten through today. Running low on a lot of food though, really need to get out and get some groceries.

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Day 13:

M1: 4 devilled egg halves, coconut milk coffee

M2: sautéed sweet potatoes and kale, mini meatloaves

snack: plantain chips with salsa, strawberries

M3: spaghetti squash with homemade tomato sauce and proscuitto


Craving cheese like crazy. Seriously wanted to add some grated Romano to my dinner like I did for my family. Really tried rationalizing it. Skipped it because really, I just have 2 and 1/2 weeks to go... I can wait a bit longer.

Glad to have gotten out of the house and picked up groceries, but still in a bit of a funk, and not in the mood to keep doing whole30 (all the more reason I should keep doing it!). 

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Having white potatoes is kind of mind blowing. At first it felt like cheating but I got past that.

I also used Hypnobirthing! It is definitely helping my meditation now, but I can't say it made me a calmer person. :(

Hope you tidied your house. Good luck getting out in the snow!

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Yes! Having white potatoes is a total game changer for me. I was so sick of sweet potatoes and cauliflower last time, but this time I look forward to having them since it's not every. single. day.


That's so cool you used Hypnobirthing as well! I really don't know that many people that have! I starting listening to positive pregnancy affirmations pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant, it's the best way for me to avoid anxiety.


I did tidy my house; it needs to be tidied again. Ha. That's the consequence of being home all day err day.


Day 14:

M1: scrambled eggs and banana, coffee with coconut milk. Not a template meal, needed veggies, but just didn't make it happen this morning (or yesterday morning).

M2: butternut squash cauliflower soup, 1/2 avocado, 1/3 apple (my daughter's leftovers), scoop of tuna salad.

I am so glad that soup turned out ok, I have been having some cooking fails and need to get ahead of meals so it doesn't feel like so much work every day.

M3: yukon gold fries (roasted), pulled pork, Nom Nom Paleo's cherry bbq sauce (pretty good!), sautéed broccoli. 

after dinner: 2 dates with almond butter and tea.


My daughter loved the bbq sauce, and it kind of reminded me of eating cranberry sauce (homemade) with turkey. 
A successful dinner and enough leftovers for tomorrow! Heading into the weekend with some food ready to go and an acceptably clean house makes me extremely pleased.

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Day 15: Halfway! 

M1: scrambled eggs, sausage, sautéed potatoes and zucchini, coffee with coconut milk

M2: butternut squash and cauliflower soup, scoop of tuna salad, avocado, banana

snacked on a handful of pistachios and apricots

M3: pulled pork, cherry bbq sauce, yukon gold fries and steamed green beans. 

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Day 16: My sister and her husband are also doing a whole30 and today she cooked lunch for us. It was so good, she is an amazing cook! It was such a treat to not cook and eat some delicious food. Makes me kind of refreshed to start another week. Plus I got some good groceries so I have some more options for veggies. 
M1: coffee with coconut milk and a banana (we were late for church!)

M2: garlic mashed potatoes, nom nom paleo's cracklin chicken, steamed asparagus with ghee and raw veggies, small bowl of berries.

snack of pistachios

M3: 2 fried eggs with cubed potatoes and zucchini. 

ETA cashew larabar before bed. Too tired to cook another meal but super hungry.

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I tried ONCE AGAIN to make magical mayo although this time I followed a recipe using cooked yolks and ONCE AGAIN wasted a cup of olive oil. So frustrated. 



Do you have an immersion blender?  I was getting mayo about 75% of the time when I was using a regular blender (vitamix).  It didn't matter how slowely I poured that oil in.  Now, I am using my immersion blender.  I throw all the ingredients into a quart sized mason jar at one time (whole raw egg - and yes, the entire 1 1/4 cups of oil).  Put the immersion blender in and turn it on.  30 seconds later (or sooner), I have mayo.  Has worked 100% of the time. :)

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YES! I got an immersion blender specifically to make MAYO!!! (I use it for soups and sauces, so it's fine). But yeah, this was my first time trying it with an immersion blender (I basically burned the motor on my regular blender trying to make it last time and never had any luck doing it by hand), so I thought it was foolproof but not for me! My only strange variable is that I tried cooking the egg yolk ( basically just warmed over low heat with lemon till it coated the back of a spoon, then let it come to room temp...). I don't understand what my problem is!!!

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Day 17: 

M1: missed... It was a crazy morning and I made a spontaneous decision to go to my mom's house so I didn't end up eating till lunch. Not normal for me to skip (and not even grab a banana! But some days are like that.)

M2: frittata with spinach, potatoes and sausage, marinated eggplant with tahini, and strawberries.

Snack of banana with almond butter

M3: aidells chicken sausage, sweet potatoes, and romaine with balsamic and olive oil.

Don't feel like I ate enough today or yesterday so I've got to pay better attention and get back on track tomorrow.

Feeling good about this round again, not in such a food rut like last week. 

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Day 18:

M1: 2 slices of frittata, coffee with coconut milk

M2: aidell's chicken sausage and sweet potatoes

M3: spaghetti squash with meatballs and marinara

Those meatballs were so good! I used my standard recipe but left out the cheese and subbed crushed cashews for breadcrumbs. Normally I use almond flour but the cashews were so much better!

Super tired lately, don't know if it's the pregnancy or the night waking toddler, or an oncoming cold, but I'm really needing to get more sleep than normal. 

Happy to have leftovers for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. 12 days to go feels kind of like a long time. 

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Day 19:

M1: leftover frittata, lemon and ginger tea

M2: leftover spaghetti squash and meatballs with tomato sauce

snack: 3/4 avocado with plantain chips

M3: coconut shrimp with mango sauce and sauteed broccoli. 

after dinner: 2 clementines

I feel like I go grocery shopping every other day but I could really stand to get a few more things... I'm cooking lunch for a bit of a picky eater friend tomorrow, planning to make frittata and butternut squash soup, I'm a little nervous! I kind of want to get groceries and make something else but trying to hold off till payday!

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Day 20! Feels like an accomplishment to make it this far. I was feeling really sick today and didn't want to cook so lunch was pretty lazy. I cancelled lunch with my friend cause I didn't want to get her sick. I took a nap while my baby napped and tried to drink a lot of water and I feel a bit better. I am getting sick a lot more often this winter, probably due to having a weaker immune system while pregnant? Not a perfect day but good enough for me.

M1: sweet potato, scrambled egg, sausage patty.

M2: avocado with plantain chips, clementine, larabar.

M3: burger in lettuce with pickles, tomato and onions and fries. 

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My mayo never seems to come together in the winter. I don't know what it is. In the summer  of my first w30, I used to be able to use the immersion blender no problem every time. I was seriously half living on mayo I made so much of it without issue, immersion blender style. Then last year I had to use the food processor. Immersion blender wouldn't happen AT ALL. Last time I used the food processor it didn't happen. 


The other thing that definitely seems to have an effect is the freshness of the eggs. If the eggs aren't fresh the mayo won't come together. 


It's enraging to have a giant bucket of wet eggs and oil. I will usually keep trying to save it with new eggs until I make myself a ginormous vat of mayo. Since I use mostly coconut oil it will then harden in the fridge before I can use it all in its nice soft emulsified form.


I think you're doing amazing! You are making a new human. Don't get down on your eating. As you said the other day if you hadn't been on w30 you'd have dug into that durn Annie's mac n cheese. Not that I have ever unthinkingly polished off bowls of uneaten Annie's mac n cheese.  :ph34r:


A good friend of mine did Hypnobirthing, so that's how I knew about it. I introduced a few other women to it. And my sister-in-law. That was especially gratifying  bc her friends were all down on it, being like, "oh yeah, good luck with that hippie stuff, you'll be screaming for the drugs," and then she did awesome and felt so good about it. The second time around I basically studied Spiritual Midwifery and internalized all the groovy birthing talk and when I felt myself going into labor I went into full on Farm birthing mode, imagining myself with Ina May. Like this picture, except walking around in our tiny apartment that was full of moving boxes. 






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