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about 2 weeks in!!!

Stacey Sutherland

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I am about 2 weeks into my Whole 30! My name is Stacey.

I feel great!

I started this journey after reading ISWF. I had a baby at the end of last year and I was in such a food and body funk. Reading the book and starting my whole 30 have helped me in so many ways.

My husband has been on the journey with me as well so that has also helped tremendously to have a partner in crime and support when I need it.

I never realized how much food could have a hold of you psychologically. I have had crazy food dreams, cheating on whole my 30 dreams (with enormous guilt after indulging during the dreams.)

I have to come to realize in these short 2 weeks that food shouldn't have that much of an impact on my life or my mind.

Food should fuel our bodies not hurt it!!!

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