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Starting May 16th!


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I had a baby 17 weeks ago and have plateaued in my weight loss, 10 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight (despite making good food choices and working out 5-6 days a week). Ready to give this a try! It seems difficult (with WI being "the dairy state" and all) but doable. 30 days isn't that long. Right?! With an infant, I just hope I can muster the energy to either A) cook for a whole day (or four, for the whole month) so my meals are prepared in advance or B) come home and find time to cook in the evenings, after feeding her, after my workout, before putting her to bed. I struggle with that right now and end up cooking dinner that finishes right as she needs to be put down...and then I eat a cold (or reheated) supper. I also struggle to justify taking 30-60 minute preparing a meal when I could be spending that time with her (being that I only get about 3 hours of awake time with her a day as it is, with working full time)! I hope my newly-bought carrier will help me feel better about it- I can put her in there while I'm cooking  :) I had JUST started a weight-loss plan about two weeks before I got pregnant, so I had a goal to get healthier and get back in shape that got derailed about a year ago. Hoping to at least get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and ideally, down to my original goal from last spring.


I DO plan to make enough at supper for lunch the next day, to keep things a little easier on me (so I don't have to cook three different meals every. single. day.) Not a lot planned this month and have a big event on June 10th that I'd like to look and feel better for, so I thought now is the time. That's only day 25, but it's close enough that I'm hoping my success will be apparent enough at that event to allow me to push through til the end! My husband is also working to get healthier and get back into shape, so that support will help. He's a picky eater though, so he might not go 100% into the Whole30 with me, which is ok. 


Waaaaah here's to getting healthy!!

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