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2nd time around, want to make sure I'm doing this right!

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I'm doing a whole30 for the second time. The first time I think it went pretty well, but then I went on a trip to Costa Rica and the all inclusiveness ruined any good work I was putting in!

I have Addison's Disease and take medication daily, I've been trying to space my meds out in a different way to hopefully give me more energy throughout the day. I also recently stopped taking Concerta for my ADHD so it will be interesting to see if that makes a big difference. I'm trying to plan all my meals according to the guidelines for portion sizes.

Anyways, I'm having trouble with the no snacking so I thought I would start a log and hopefully get some feedback on what I'm eating and if I'm doing this right!

Day 1:

B - around 6:45 am - coffee with coconut milk, 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 2 slices of ham

9 am - herbal tea

L - 12:50 pm - roasted red pepper and tomato soup with ground chicken, mushrooms, onions and green peppers, a Granny Smith apple.

2:00 pm - green tea

Pre workout snack - 3 pm - half a handful of snap peas

Post work out - 4:20 pm - half a handful snap peas and 1 compliant chicken pepperoni (I don't think this was enough)

D - 7 pm - roast chicken (2 legs 1 thigh) with roasted sweet potatoes and carrots (a recipe from http://paleopot.com/2013/01/chili-cilantro-lime-chicken/, veggies cooked in the same pot) salad with balsamic

9 pm - herbal tea

Throughout the day I drank 7 glasses of water

Day 2:

B - 6:30 am - 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, leftover potatoes and carrots, little bit of ground chicken with onion mushrooms and green peppers mixed in, coffee with coconut milk

9:00 am - chai tea with coconut milk and cinnamon

L -12:50 - salad with balsamic, leftovers from dinner (1/3 of a chicken breast and 1/2 of a thigh, couple peices carrots and sweet potatos)

4:20 - was STARVING when I got home, fish and broccoli starving. Had a cup of red pepper and tomato soup with half a handful of the ground chicken/veg mix thrown in. Still hungry but I'm going to wait until dinner.

13 glasses of water so far today.

No dinner yet.

I'm trying not to snack, usually I would have something around 9:30 on my morning break but I have been sticking to tea. There is a long amount of time between breakfast and lunch but usually I'm okay. It's before dinner that's the problem, then again after dinner I want a snack usually a couple hours later. I'm trying to learn whether I'm just craving things or am actually hungry.

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I've found that apples make me really hungry much sooner - so ordinarily my lunch gets me through to dinner time just fine, but even if the entire rest of the meal is the same, if I have an apple with lunch instead of some of the vege, I will be hanging out for food at about 3.30-4 (my traditional afternoon tea time).


It also doesn't look you're adding fat to any of your meals apart from the coconut milk - this will be much more satiating and help you get through those long periods between meals.

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Thanks, I realized that yesterday as I was getting ready for bed that the only added fat was the coconut milk. It didn't even cross my mind! Old habits I guess. I have a Jawbone UP band and I've been using the app to track what I eat....not the calories or anything like that, you can use the app for that too, but it also lets you take a picture of what you ate and write a description so I do that and I can look back at what I ate at what time and look at my portion sizes which I find helpful.

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Some thoughts on your sample log:
- check to make sure your ham is compliant. It's tricky to find compliant ham
- preWO recommendation is protein and fat. No veg.
- play with your protein, veg and fat portions at your meals to get to a point where your meals satiate you for 4-5 hours. Here is the meal template for your review.

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The ham was compliant, I'm lucky enough to live very close to farm country so there are a few local butchers/farm shops I can go to for eggs, compliant bacon and ham, chicken etc. I even found some pepperonis the other day that look compliant. Of course the downside to that is they're pretty expensive and things like the pepperonis don't last as long. As for the pre workout, I totally spaced and was convinced I should have carbs before my workout. I must've read it backwards. I blame the carb flu! I'm on a pretty strict budget so I'm trying to use up what I have before I shop for more. I also got a dehydrator for valentines day so I have been using it to make my own seasonings and dried fruit and jerky.

Hopefully I did better the past couple of days:

Day 3

B - 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, leftover chicken with vegetables all scrambled together in coconut oil, coffee with coconut milk.

L - salad with leftover chicken and a "caesar" dressing (found a recipe for a compliant Caesar dressing online....it was not good! Haha) and a thermos of compliant vegetable broth

D - home made fast chicken pho using compliant vegetable broth, leftover chicken, onions, coco oil to fry the ginger and onion, and spices

Piece of dried mango and maybe a shot glass sized amount of dried berries

Day 4 - home sick today, I have an actual cold on top of carb flu which is super fun.

B - leftover pho

L - 3 pieces of bacon and an omelette with coconut milk, 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, peppers, mushrooms and red onion cooked in the bacon fat

Dinner is going to be some pulled pork I have currently cooking in my slow cooker on zoodles.

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