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sweet corn vs sweet potatoes

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Hello all!

I just finished reading It Starts with Food.  I'm really intrigued by many of the ideas and my husband and I are transitioning our diet now.  We are in the middle of moving so are going to start our actual Whole 30 when not moving.   

Understanding the norms helps me to make better choices.  I've been shopping at our farmer's market and am very excited about the new summer veggies showing up.


What I keep wondering about is Sweet corn versus another sweet and carb filled food like a sweet potato.  I understand that the sugar spike and such can cause issues, but I'm not understanding why corn is that much worse for you.  I'm referring to whole corn on the cob, not any of the derivatives of corn.  I totally get why high fructose corn syrup is a problem.  


Thanks for helping to teach me!

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