when should I eat?


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I want to move my running to first thing in the morning when i wake up due to time constraints, however I have realised i won't have time to eat breakfast and digest it before I set off. Should I get up, drink some water and run? have something rather than nothing and then breakfast when I get back?


They aren't very long runs yet as I am just getting back into training after a broken bone in my foot.

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When I can't have a full breakfast I have a cold black un sweetened coffee (I prepare it in my press the night before and leave it in the fridge) and a Banana.


Having said that In the past for short runs (2 mile or less) I've never had a problem smashing some water and heading out the door.


Only at day 4 of Whole30 and suffering a serious lack of energy focus and motivation though... maybe I'm not the best person to offer advice.

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