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My careful, slow reintroduction

Mrs Chi

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I'm on Day 25 today (woo hoo!). My husband and I have been doing this together.


He says he is going to dive right in to either chocolate or alcohol on Day 31.


I, however, have decided that I really want to take this slowly and carefully, as I've spent this long already, why waste the chance to identify any possible trigger foods?


So, I've broken it down into a baby step list of reintroduction foods. It will take me longer than the 10 days, at least the way I'm planning it.


My list is as follows, though not necessarily in this order:


1) hard cheese

2) other lactose-free dairy

3) dairy with lactose

4) rice soaked overnight with ACV (apple cider vinegar helps break down the outer husk, making the rice easier to digest)

5) rice without soaking

6) corn

7) canned beans

8) peanut butter

9) potatoes

10) alcohol/sugar


Wow -- just doing that would take me another 30 days!


Is it worth doing?

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First of all, as long as your husband picks chocolate OR alcohol, it's still a safe reintro for that one item. :) 


I would say your plan is worth it if past experience leads you to believe you do have issues with some of those foods. May as well just try your best to figure it out right off the bat. If not...maybe you could compress it by combining certain foods into their main groups (for example, all dairy on one day, beans and peanut butter on another). If you have some sort of negative reaction at that point, you could break it down further. 

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I've decided to start with corn.  My husband's office had a Cinco de Mayo party, and they had a lot of leftover tamales.  It was kind of hard to just have water!  So, I'm looking forward to having one of those on Wednesday, on Day 31.


Also, I picked corn because we are going to a baseball game a few days later.  I don't know if the gluten-free hot dog bun will have any corn ingredient.  So, I figured corn was a good start because, if it did, I would be combining gluten-free grains with the bun and wouldn't have a way of knowing if it was corn or what. 


At any rate, I figure I might need a few extra days back on plan after eating the hot dog, anyway, because of whatever else might be in it.


I really look forward to moving on with the way of eating.  Even though I think I've only lost about 3 pounds, I can breath so much better.  No constant slight congestion in my nose.  And, my skin is so soft.


So, I see myself, after my reintroduction is done, eating this way permanently.  I'm thinking of sticking to it for a certain number of days (eg, 9 or 14 or 21??) and then allowing a few off plan foods before resuming again.

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So, Wednesday was my first reintroduction day, and I started with corn.


For lunch, I had hand rolled tamales (one beef and one corn), and they were SOOO worth it!  Since I was doing corn, I had a little bit of A1 sauce with my steak at dinner.  That one was not worth it.  Tasted yucky!


The good news is that I had no reactions of any sort that I could tell.  That was 48 hours ago.  Yeah!  I think one time I will try whole corn, though, to see the difference, rather than just the corn meal.


Today, we are going to a baseball game.  I will probably eat other gluten-free grain today.  That said, I decided it was OK to have a few rice chips with sea salt before lulnch since I am going to eat other gluten-free grains today anyway..  They were very good, but I found myself just mindlessly eating them.  I thnk I stopped at 10.  Since then, they have sort of just sat in my stomach like a lump. Yuck.  So, I think ti goes to show that there is a difference between what you introduce. eg, if I had cooked rice vs. having the rice chips.  I will have to decide if even a gluten-free hot dog bun is worth it later!

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I tried beans but I also did dairy last night.


Beans seems to be fine for me.  I probably won't make it a daily occurrence (ala 4-hour workout or whatever that book is called).  Dairy did make me only slightly bloaty.  I used to get stomach cramps/aches, but not this time.  Maybe because I haven't been eating enough dairy.  Last night was ice cream.


However, today I did wake up with bags under my eyes.  I read about this same thing happening on a blog I came across from someone else doing Whole 30.


So, I can't say that I will never, ever have dairy again.  And, I want to try next time with just lactose-free dairy.  But, definitely eye opening.  I prefer NOT to look like the dead, thank you!

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