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Still gassy & bloated


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I finished my Whole30 on April 30th. I was bloated and gassy for most of it and I was told that it's just part of the timeline. Still waiting on that 'Tiger's Blood' too.


The only reintroduction I've done is beer.  I kept everything else out (dairy, beans, sugar, and grains).

Last Saturday I went to a BBQ and chose the Hot Dogs, Brawts, roasted carrots, and the veggie tray that everyone else was skipping. 2 hours later I felt awful, bloated, gassy and cramping and I had to take pepto to make it subside so I could sleep.

Since then I have that same feeling after EVERY meal. I started HCl + Digestive enzymes last night, 4 pills at each meal to prevent the crappyness that comes on 1 hr later. I'm still feel full of air, burping a lot, but not cramping.

I checked out FODMAPs and wanted to cry, I eat most of those veggies ever day! My husband would leave me if I stop cooking those foods (I'm doing Paleo solo).

Is this just a common thing to go through for someone who has done years of counting calories, lots of cardio, drinking shakes and following SAD?

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Wow, sorry you have having this problem.


Are you having mostly raw or cooked veggies.


Some stomachs do better on cooked veggies, and best with a stew-like cooking.  But, keep in mind that some veggies are bloating, too, like cabbage and cauliflower.  What about something like Beano?

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