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Day 8! Woot


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So yesterday was my official one week anniversary on Whole30! It's been hell, it's been so far kind of fun. My poor husband from accidentally starting a fight about ghee (hey I can only have so many fats and GHEE is one of them!!), searching for a house to purchase, and me dealing with that time of the month it's been a little rough. BUT I can say I am one jean size smaller (I was size 12 now a size 10), I feel a lot better (my husband has been having milkshakes, burgers, fries, all the fixings that I used to love in front of me and I don't crave them).  Even right now I'm eating eggs, an avocado, and a sweet potato for breakfast while everyone at the office is munching on Tim Horton's doughnuts, latte's, and soda (I know right? soda in the morning??). I'm accepting the fact I will probably be an outsider most of my life with my eating choices if I stick to this sort of plan....however.....with a smaller jean size, clearer skin, a flattening stomach...being an outsider isn't so bad :)

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