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Started May 8th


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Hi my name is joy and I started my whole 30 yesterday. So far so good. I have done a whole 30 before in January which was successful but I are too much fruit so never slayed the sugar dragon. I actually managed 43 days but have since completely lost the plot and my old habits have crept back in. I have fibromyalgia, IBS, oesophagitis and a benign brain tumour, these are my reasons for whole 30 to get rid of chronic pain and live the best life I can. I live in the UK, married to miles and have 3 children Marcus (18) and Piers and Lydia (9). All my children have autism and one has ADHD. I work full time as a midwife. I enjoy lifting heavy things, running and dancing. Here's to a successful whole 30.

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