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Day 6 - My 'This is not hard' list!


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Hi All


I'm on day 6....still feeling a tad weak/shaky and was really hungry when I woke up this morning. That was the first time I've felt 'chew your own arm off' hungry on the Whole30! A delicious family breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushroom & tomatoes has sorted me out thank goodness.


Very proud of myself for resisting my usual red wine/desert/chocolate/cheese Saturday evening habit last night. Kept reminding myself that THIS.IS.NOT.HARD. by coming up with my top 5 (not in order of 'hardness') hard situations I have dealt with in the last few years. This is helping me to stay strong. If I can get through these, I can get through anything.


My 'This is not hard' list:


1. Giving up red wine is not hard. Attending my dad's funeral at 8 months pregnant knowing he'd never meet my child is hard.


2. Quitting sugar is not hard. A twenty hour labour followed by an emergency C-section with my first baby is hard.


3. Laying off the cheese is not hard. An eighty hour (yes, 80 hours!!!) labour with my second child, born 12 weeks prematurely, followed by a natural breech birth and 9 weeks in hospital fighting for his life, is hard.


4. Forgoing the pasta is not hard. Running my first Marathon with a not quite 100% healed sprained ankle is hard.


5. Walking passed the ice cream aisle in the supermarket is not hard. Going back to college 20 years after graduating (and 7 years as a 'stay at home mum') to retrain is hard.


I've got through plenty of difficult things (as have we all) in life....so, despite dreaming about hot chocolate fondants and a good Rioja, this is not hard. I can do this. I will do this. I am doing this.




Happy Sunday everyone!





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Believe me....I have moments of insanity. Many, many moments!!!! In fact, 10 minutes ago I was whimpering like a puppy with a sore paw begging my husband to go buy me a bottle of red wine! Luckily, he's being strong for me when I have moments of weakness, so he refused point blank. The craving is going off now....and I'd be kicking myself tomorrow if I'd given in to it.

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