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Post USA holiday - getting back on track


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I have just returned back from a month over in the states.  During the 4 weeks I was gone, I indulged way too much.  I ate what I wanted and drank what I wanted.  It was an amazing holiday, I had a ball!  But now I'm home and back to work and I'm the heaviest I've ever been.


I did the whole 30 back In February and at the end of that I was 47.4kgs  I would love to get myself back to 48kgs.


I currently weigh 51kgs


Im 158cm tall, female 27 years old.


I have so many sugar cravings and my hunger is through the roof now that I am back so now my challenge is to get back to strict paleo eating.


I know its going to be a struggle getting my diet back to scratch and back to the gym 5 days a week but I know I can do it and need to do it to feel better about myself.  


So I'm starting this new blog to write down everything that I consume starting tomorrow morning and hope it will help me get myself back on track.  And possibly later this year I hope to do another whole30 challenge.



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Tuesday 8:30am meal 1

- Black coffee with cinnamon

- two egg omelette with bok choi and green olives

- mushrooms

(All cooked in a pan with coconut oil)

So far so good. Let's see how long I can stick

This out with no slip ups...

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Tuesday 14/05


10am - cardio - 30mins 10% incline 6speed


meal 2 - chicken and salad


meal 3 - chicken, sweet potato, bok choi, nuts and Mandarin




Wednesday 15/5 


Meal 1 - 2 egg omelete with bok coi, mushrooms and cherry tomatos + black coffee


gym - cardio and weights (legs) 


Meal 2 - zucchini slice

Meal 3 -  chicken, sweet potato, bok choi, nuts and madarin


:( I got home from my late shift at middnight and ate 3 pieces of chocolate :( bloody hell!!! fail

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So I did the worst thing and decided to just finish all the chocolate in the fridge and start fresh tomorrow.  


Thats clearly the worst idea ever coz now im in a worse off spot than before.  but there is now nothing unhealthy here for me to eat. 


I need to really focus.  Being in USA for a month has really screwed with my eating and cravings.


I'm hoping it will get easier from here....  least I'm using the forum how I planned and keeping myself accountable and admitting my terrible cravings and crappy will power :(


Tomorrow is a new day....new start,  and a big gym sesh ahead!!

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Welcome back. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday. I would like to challenge you to eat much more this time around. Having followed you for a while I don't feel this has really clicked as a lifestyle for you yet and I believe it is because you are not feeding yourself enough. I could be totally off track but I'm saying it out of concern and wanting the best for you. I'm guessing that with your activity level 2 eggs really isn't enough protein in the morning for you. And a zucchini slice is not a meal. It's not even a mini meal. No wonder you came home and ate chocolate. 


For clarification, are you trying to do another Whole30 or just stay close to Whole30?

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Thanks for your advice.  You were probably very right with me not eating enough back then!!  I am starting fresh today but not on a whole30 as such. just trying to find a balance...  I want to get healthy but still want to enjoy a drink with friends from time to time etc...  


I am moving house this week and have started a new forum as I want an entire fresh start....feel free to leave any advice on there :)



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