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Physibeth's 2nd Whole 30 - May 12th - June 10th


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Well I've been talking about it for a while so now I'm finally doing it. Committing myself to a 2nd Whole30. My main reason for doing another one is that my off roading has become more frequent than I would like lately and I've been really lazy about my cooking. Hoping that recommitting to the challenge will re-inspire me in the kitchen. Giving up dairy (butter!) again will be the hardest thing for me but I'm up to the challenge. I did step on the scale this morning for the first time in 7 months. I'm up about 6 lbs but that could very well be because of the not even remotely Whole30 meal I had last night.  :rolleyes: A couple of my measurements are a little up too but nothing really drastic. 


Have my first week all meal planned. Will be a bit boring as I basically have 2 meal plans that I'm alternating between but as my husband will still be eating his SAD food this is the most economical way for me to do it. Picked Practical Paleo to cook from this week as that is where I started my paleo journey in March of 2013 and I'm very familiar with the recipes.


A little more information about me - I'm a 38 year old wife with 2 fur babies. Currently not employed full time but looking for some part time work. I teach a class called Water in Motion at my local gym and have been doing that since October. I also just recently got certified to teach Les Mills BODYPUMP and am excited to get started with that as well.


I'll post my food logs at the end of the day or for the previous day the following morning. Definitely welcome feedback.  

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Day 1 Recap

All recipes today from Practical Paleo using W30 compliant options


Meal 1 (around 9am): Pesto Scrambled Eggs (4 eggs, dairy free basil/macadamia nut pesto), 2 slices compliant bacon, 1/2 a roasted acorn squash with coconut butter and raisins, black coffee 


Meal 2 (around 2pm): 1/3 lb grass fed burger with homemade mayo, sweet potato spiralized and sauteed in coconut oil with sea salt and garlic powder, 3 bubbies pickles


Meal 3 (around 5:30pm): 2 Quick and Easy Salmon Cakes with homemade mayo, Spinach Salad with Walnuts and Artichokes


Exercise (7pm): Taught Water in Motion class (1 hr), did my shoulder rehab exercises and glute strengthening exercises, practiced my BodyPump stances and some squats


Mini Meal (around 9:30pm): Indian Spiced Turkey Slider (the recipe is for 4 burgers but I made 8 mini burgers instead), sweet and savory sweet potatoes


Thinking I might have half a bottle of kombucha in a little bit here. Doing some cooking still for tomorrow but really need to get to bed soon especially as I didn't sleep well last night. Older cat had the squirts on my bedroom carpet at 4:30 in the morning and I had to clean that up. She is now quarantined to the bathroom until I see something solid. Hoping I don't have to take her to the vet this week as that is never pleasant for either of us.


Overall I feel pretty good today. My quads have been really sore tonight and I'm not sure why that is. But I had plenty of energy to teach my class and do everything else I needed to do today, no sugar crash yet despite how much I've been having lately. Spent a good chunk of my day today cleaning out my office at my defunct job. 

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Good morning all. Slept alright last night once I finally did get to sleep. I don't remember waking at least. My husband came to bed with growling tubby cat just as I was falling asleep on my book and turning the lights out so I was up for a while after that. *sigh* Probably would have slept longer but had the window open because it has been beautifully warm and someone with a VERY loud vehicle decided 6:30am would be a great time to start and idle said vehicle outside our window.  :rolleyes: All and all I think I got at least 6 hours. Not ideal but it is enough. Quarantined kitty finally decided we were not going to let her out regardless of how loud she was so she stopped yowling and that made for more pleasant sleep. 


Teaching a BODYPUMP Express class today at 1pm as my formal audition to be on the sub list at my gym and teaching Water in Motion again tonight at 7:10pm. Going to be a busy day! Not entirely sure how I'm going to time my meals yet but I'll figure it out. ;)

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Day 2 Recap:

All recipes from Practical Paleo with compliant ingredients


Meal 1 (8:30am): Swirly Crustless Quiche (a sizeable chunk), 2 slices compliant bacon, butternut sage soup, black coffee

(this got spread out quite a bit because I had to make the soup in the morning, probably finished eating after 10)


Exercise (1pm): Taught BodyPump Express (30 mins), took CXWORX (30 mins), before class did my shoulder rehab exercises


Meal 2 (3pm): 2 Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs, Sweet and Savory Potatoes, Mixed Herbs and Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette, 5 very large strawberries


Mini Meal (5:50pm): Indian Spiced Turkey Slider, homemade mayo, 1 large bubbie's pickle


Exercise (7:10pm): Taught Water in Motion (1 hr)


Meal 3 (9pm): grass fed hamburger with homemade mayo, spiralized sweet potato sauteed in coconut oil, bubbie's pickle


Currently sipping on the other half of my kombucha from last night


So the timing of my food today was less than ideal, but it was what I could do with the schedule that I had. I was so not ready to eat again before I left to teach this afternoon and made it through class with plenty of energy. I had to stick around after chat to get feedback from my manager and I'm on the sub list now. Yay! By the time I got home I was pretty hungry so I threw together the quickest meal I could. Not what was originally planned but it was satisfying. I knew if I didn't eat a little something before I left to teach WIM that I wouldn't make it and I was just getting hungry again when I finally got home and showered. I always need to remind myself that perfection is the enemy of good in many cases and today's food was one of those cases. Just easier not to stress about it. I did slip a Larabar in my gym bag just in case but really didn't even consider it.


Hoping tomorrow will be more of a normal eating schedule as I'm planning to make it a rest day. I might go for a run in the morning if I'm feeling it because the weather has been so very nice, but it will be short and at an easy pace if I do so probably will just front load with an egg or two and then eat my normal meal 1. We shall see.


Overall energy was very steady today. No sugar withdrawal symptoms that I recognize so that's a plus. 

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Morning all! Not fabulous sleep last night. I stayed up way too late. Didn't help that hubby worked until midnight. I think I woke up 3 or 4 times. Overall I think I managed to eek out at least 6 hours. As soon as I was almost asleep the first time the apartment complex sprinkler system came on with a loud hissing and spitting and woke me right back up.  :rolleyes: I also woke at 5:30 with a growling stomach but managed to go back to sleep again until 7:30. Maybe I needed to eat more last night. Legs felt sore this morning so decided to skip the run but it is gorgeous out so might go for a walk later today if it isn't too hot. This multiple sunny & warm days in April/May thing really is a foreign concept to us here in the Pacific NW and I hate wasting them. The days in between tend to be pouring rain which is also rare here. I'm used to a steady gray sprinkling/misting at this time of year. Not that I'm complaining. Not at all.

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Day 3 Recap

All recipes from Practical Paleo


Meal 1 (around 8am): Pesto Scrambled Eggs (4 eggs, dairy free basil/macadamia nut pesto), raw fermeneted sauerkraut,1/2 a roasted acorn squash with coconut butter and raisins, black coffee (totally forgot to make my bacon this morning)
Meal 2 (around 1pm): 2 Quick and Easy Salmon Cakes with homemade mayo, Spinach Salad with Walnuts and Artichokes
2:30pm: Venti Decaf Iced Americano
Meal 3 (around 6pm): 1/3 lb grass fed burger with homemade mayo, sweet potato spiralized and sauteed in coconut oil with sea salt and garlic powder, 2 bubbies pickles
Exercise (around 9pm): just my shoulder rehab stuff, never did get to do a walk or anything today
Getting to be bedtime and I'm feeling a little hungry. I might eat an egg and some carrots and call it a night. I don't feel like I got a great deal done today. I did bring the last couple of personal items home from my old office. Well my bike is still there because the apartment complex hasn't given me an answer about storing it in front of my parking space (the bike rack is full) and a bookshelf I want to bring home but couldn't move myself. Had coffee and conversation with a friend and community group tonight. Spent most of the rest of my free time talking to my mom and working on learning a new BodyPump release. Hoping to head to bootcamp tomorrow morning so I suppose I should get to bed soon.
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A convo with Mom is getting something done.   :)  Plus, the prep for the BodyPump release.


True. My kitchen is just a nightmare again. I need to take care of that. Most of my food for the week is cooked already but not all and keeping the kitchen clean is part of my must do to keep cooking which is must do for staying on track. ;)


I did end up eating an egg, a handful of carrots, a slice of bacon, and 8 oz kombucha last night. In hindsight I'm not entirely sure I needed it but I did sleep pretty much through the night once I did fall asleep which was nice. Husband let sick kitty out of the bathroom last night because he said it wasn't fair to keep her in there. Then she pooped on the floor again and we had to chase her back in the bathroom. *sigh* Going to call the vet this afternoon. I think I eeked out 6 hours of sleep. Still not enough but hopefully I'll get there. Still feeling pretty good today.

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Day 4 Recap

All Recipes from Practical Paleo


Meal 1 (7:30am): Swirly Crustless Quiche (a sizeable chunk), 2 slices compliant bacon, butternut sage soup, black coffee


Exercise (9:30am): (after doing my shoulder rehab exercises) Bootcamp 1hr


Mini Meal (11:30am): 2 Indian Spiced Turkey Sliders (I meant to have starchies with this)


Meal 2 (1:30pm): 2 grass fed hot dogs, baby carrots, bubbies pickles, mayo, mustard


8 oz kombucha


Meal 3 (5pm): 2 mustard glazed chicken thighs, mixed herbs and greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette


Exercise (7:10pm): Teach WIM 1 hr


Meal 4 (9pm):  2 grass fed hot dogs, baby carrots, bubbies pickles, mayo, mustard



The theme of today's bootcamp was 50 as in 50 kettlebell swings, 50 push press, 50 bicep curls, 50 tricep extensions, etc, etc. A great workout. My recovering shoulder was pretty sore afterwards but not painful, just sore. Totally intended to get home and get food in right after but I kept running into people in the lobby that I wanted to chat with and was there for an extra hour. Sometimes being a social creature is not a good thing. ;) Got home and called the vet about the cat and made an appointment and sent a bunch of other necessary emails and texts. By the time I needed lunch I realized I didn't have time to cook what I had planned (again...I've been putting the same meal off for 3 days now). So I ran to the grocery store (I desperately needed eggs and its 5% off day anyway) and got some hot dogs along with some value packs of chicken and meat and frozen hamburgers. Came home and ate meal 2 but I clearly didn't eat enough food in the afternoon/late morning because I was headachy by the time I ate meal 3. Took the cat to the vet and got some meds and waiting on blood work. Picked up and watched a friends daughter for a couple of hours and then met up with her to drop daughter off and then drove 30 minutes to one of our other gyms to teach WIM. Only had 3 ladies in my class but they were awesome and made it feel like I had 5x as many. So worth my time and energy. 


Someone posted in another thread about eating the yolks of hard boiled eggs before their workouts and the whites after. I'm wondering if I did yolks and mayo pre and whites with salt and baby carrots after if that would be more sufficient than what I'm doing now. And easier to take to the gym with me and eat somewhat discretely as well. Thoughts? Will the eggs keep as long if I pre-peal them all when I boil them. I've tried plain chicken breast and sweet potato and I could never choke it down right after a workout. And the thought of having tuna without mayo makes me gag. 

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I don't think that peeling the eggs after cooking them will affect their shelf life. I say give it a shot, especially since you're a social butterfly at the gym and need to get some food in you before driven to distraction!

I'm very impressed with how central fitness has become to your life in just the course of a year. Very cool.

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I'm with LadyM; that egg idea seems worth a try. I would make sure the eggs are in a tightly sealed container in the fridge. Whenever I've peeled my HB eggs in advance I can remember they seemed to take on other flavors more easily.

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Boiled Eggs can be left at room temp for a day (peeled or unpeeled) without any problems as long as they are not left somewhere particularly hot (ie, locked in a car all day). That's just part of what makes them such a versatile food.

A post workout meal I have come to love is the sweet potato baby food pouches. Just twist off the cap and squeeze it out. I add a couple slices if proscuitto, roast beef, or chicken, or perhaps some scrambled eggs.

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Thanks ladies! I have a new project for this weekend. I despise peeling boiled eggs but I need to try something. I might look into the baby food pouches too.


I'm so very ridiculously sore this morning. I can't imagine why.  :rolleyes: I'm going to spend some quality time with my foam roller today and definitely take a rest day. On the positive side though my shoulder isn't in pain. Yay!


Not great sleep last night. Up too late and then lots of things kept waking me up. Probably finally fell asleep after 1. Woke around 6ish and forced myself to sleep on and off until now. Another good reason to make today a rest day.

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