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Susan's First Whole30 (47 yrs from West Coast Canada, trying to live with balance


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Today is the first day of this log and also the second day of week two.

Here's how I got to this point.


I am a young 47 and have the desire to return to a high energy, happier, healthier me. In researching pale earlier this year I also considered this as a way to get me there. Now I am an all or nothing kinda gal. I need a challenge, and I need it to be tough.


May 3rd was my little cousins birthday party and in looking at the photos the next day I realized the image of me I had in my head and the image in the pictures was pretty different. What?!? I'm not a svelte full bodied woman?!? Nope. I am pudgy. (Pic below post being the target of 120 water balloons, lots of whipped cream and 12 cans of silly sting - the price to pay to make a little boy's birthday!). That realization was the trigger. Luckily a few days before I had been reading about Whole30. And so it began.


With some newly purchased clean meat and a many veggies on hand I made one simple meal after another. I enjoyed how the food made me feel satiated. However, consistent with others' dull nagging headaches, and fatigue left me laying low. I still did my bootcamp workouts but they were really tough.


And here we are at Day 9!

Already I feel so much better. This morning's workout was a breeze! I work from my home office and have a very loose schedule so I even took a nap after the 5:30 AM workout. I can already tell this is a life choice that I will incorporate here on in. I am so lucky to live in a part of the world where health is a priority and local food producers are on hand.


Fuel for My body:

Pre-workout: boiled egg

M1: sweet potato and kale task with boiled egg, ginger tea, cashews

M2: hamburger, kale chips (work stalled my run up to the grocery store for veggies)

M3: BC Spotted Prawns and mixed spring greens.



1/2 hour bootcamp

1/2 hour shovelling in the garden and planting new plants

1 hour walking dog at the beach


Mood: good.


Physically: slept fantastic yesterday, tonnes of energy in am, afternoon i am tired easily. Bloated, especially after eating. Small and infrequent bowl movements the past few days. If that continues it will become a concern.


See you tomorrow for Day 10.


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Good morning Day 10.


Question: I am sleeping like I haven't slept for years. Anyone else doing that at this point? 

I love it but have to admit I snoozed through my 5:00AM alarm to hit yoga class right through to 8:00AM. That's 10 hours of sleep. A bit groggy this morning but I'm sure that will change soon.


More later ...

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Could this be Tiger Blood already?

Whatever it is I'll take it!


Day: 13


Feel amazing today! This is the first day I am feeling good - and not just good but great!

In fact I was woken at 1:30AM (thunder) and have been up and going strong since with a bootcamp workout at 5:30AM and errands for the rest of the day.




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