More Fruit Servings = Not as great results?

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I know "It Starts With Food" says only 1-2 servings of fruit per day and I've been trying to follow that. I love fruit and I know they say not to eat as much fruit because getting in your veggies in first is key. As long as I have fruit servings only at meal times and make sure I get everything else in, will the results be the same? 


At that same token, I found one night, after I ate quite a bit of fruit, that I was bloated. In that same night however, I also ate a lot of almonds and cashews (it was Day 2 and I was dying). I've heard nuts will cause bloating sometimes but does fruit do the same? 

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Hi Mackenzie and welcome!


Results are unique to each person, but you should be just fine with what you've proposed. That being said, you want veggies to take priority. Eat more of them than fruit, and be sure to eat the prescribed amount with every meal. I've found that if I am eating enough veggies, I really don't have room for more than a handful of berries.


When I eat more nuts or nutbutter than I should, I definitely feel the effects.


Fruit can absolutely cause bloating and stomach issues for many people. My husband is one of them.

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In the scenario you described, for me it would definitely be the nuts causing the bloating, while for others it may well be the fruit.  It is very personal.  If you want to know for sure you could always experiment :).


How much fruit you can "safely" consume and still get good results depends on so many things, including activity level, metabolic health, age/size/gender, stress level, etc - fructose affects people in a variety of different ways.  That said, if following the meal template and including fruit with meals you should be just fine.  How much you'll be able to stray from that will be something you'll need to discover for yourself.


I personally do eat fruit apart from meals, although I'm not currently on a whole30.  I know my results would be better if I didn't, but I really enjoy it on its own and so I make that concession so long as I stick to the 1-2 servings a day rule.  It's all about what you can live with long term, I think :)

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