Doing a Whole30 as a vegetarian

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Hi there,

My wife and I have started a Whole30 together. We are both on day 12. She is a vegetarian (no meat, no fish/seafood, no eggs) who also doesn't like avocados. Before this, her diet would consist of cheese, pizza ( loves cheese and pizza), pasta, bread, some veggies, some tofu, some fruit. She would also drink coffee with 2 % milk along with a little sugar every AM. She would eat sweet desserts at times. She loved drinking a lot of sweetened Lipton iced tea. For the past 2-3 days she has been complaining of what feels like the "flu" (Paleo Flu?) and also before that she would state that eating this way has been very hard (I feel the same way but when I eat meat/fish I feel a lot better). For the Whole30, she has been eating tofu instead of meat and lots of veggies. I am concerned because she is obviously in pain.. I want to be there for her to support her. She describes her symptoms as body aches, headaches, fatigue. We also have twin baby boys so we are both sleep deprived. It doesn't seem I feel as bad as hers so maybe someone can advise us? Thanks!

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Here's a list of forum threads about eating vegetarian on Whole30:


Twinfant sleep deprivation - ah the memories.  My twin daughters are now ten years old.  I don't remember much of their first year because of the exhaustion. :lol:   I commend you both for taking on Whole30, and I hope it gives you the most energy you can have.


(Also, I've turned into one of those people I used to hate when I had twin babies - people who randomly ooo and aaaahh over strangers' twins in public places.  Oh the shame!  At least I don't walk over and put my fingers on the babies' faces. :ph34r:  )


I hope the above list of threads gives you both some information.  You might also post two or three days' worth of her meals here to get specific advice.  Also, if she's nursing, she'll need to eat 6-8 meals per day (for nursing singletons they say 4-6, I remember eating pretty much constantly when nursing twins).  She can also sip on a can of coconut milk during the day.

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My husband was kind of fat phobic and skimped on fat the first 4 days and he paid for it with terrible carb flu. Is your wife eating enough fat? Enough overall?


Print out the Meal Template, it really helps with making sure you are eating all the right things in the right amounts.


Another thread she'll want to consult:

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