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Night shift - melatonin/alternative forms of Mg


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Hi - I'm looking for some personal experiences with either melatonin or the amino acid bound forms of Mg or Mg oil.  I'm starting night shift soon which is terrifying to me.  I go to sleep at 8 and wake up at 5... I have NEVER been a night person.  Even in college  - I was the one up at 7 AM on Saturday morning...  Needless to say I'm scared of this change!  


I do take Natural Calm or Magnesium Serene from time to time now and think that the dose I will need to sleep during the day will be too high and that I'll poop my pants at work.  Which I'd like to avoid ;)  I've heard people mention the other forms of Mg but I was hoping maybe some people on here have actually tried them and have suggestions!


Thanks for any tips!

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