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Thank You M&D for Starting Whole9 Forum


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I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for starting this forum. The forum did not begin until after my first Whole30.

Background: I did my first Whole30 in February and I only had one friend that ate Paleo. I did get help from her but it was still a bit challenging figuring everything out. I strayed following my somewhat successful Whole30 (still got on scale and logged food some days) and got unkind feedback from this person as I worked through some emotional eating/binging issues and my initial resistance to completely adopt living Paleo post Whole30#1. It was such a radical shift and I stressed about how much of Paleo to adopt long-term.

I began Whole30 #2 on July 31st after a summer of learning to not stress about calories, portions, or the scale. My body image improved too. I just exercised and tried to eat fairly well but too many adult beverages and grains worked their way back in to my days this summer. For this Whole30 I joined the forum for support and it has already been helpful. I have discovered new foods to pick up at Whole Foods and they are great additions to the mix of foods I ate during Whole30 #1. I am also learning other tips for doing a Whole30 in an non-Paleo household and I feel great knowing I have a place to have my questions answered. Today on Day 7 I feel relaxed and satisfied. One big difference for this Whole30 is the way I relate to friends and family. What I choose or choose not to eat just is. It's not a big discussion topic or debate. I just eat the Whole30 foods and go about my business. I can look ahead for the first time and see much of this becoming part a my long-term lifestyle. :)

I am very stubborn and need much convincing to make changes sometimes, but so far this Whole30 I can really notice that I feel better. I have little hunger or cravings. I am feeling great at the gym. And I really do feel satisfied with my food. And I am not even tempted this time to step on the scale at my gym. In fact my old scale won't be coming back in my home post Whole30 either. :)

And the moderators on this forum are awesome and quick to respond with well thought out responses. All of them. Thanks again!


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We have the best moderators of any internet forum ever. EVER. So happy you're finding it useful, and that you're doing well with your Whole30. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us - we really appreciate hearing feedback like this from our members!



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