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Hi! I'm new, day 3, quick question!


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Hey everyone, I'm doing my first whole 30 and am currently on day 3! I feel great, but I have a question. I picked a pretty tough time budget-wise to start this so I am wondering: where is the best place to pinch my pennies? 


I always try to buy as much organic/grass fed regardless, but I have to really conserve $$ this month. Where is the best place to do this? Should I buy regular veggies, fruit, or meat? I can't buy regular eggs, they kill my stomach and I already eat a lot of them. Cage free organic have been much easier on my tummy. 


Basically, what should I splurge on and where can I cut a few corners? I already spent a lot buying staples like coconut oil, ghee, light flavor oil this week, so it cut into my actual food budget a lot. How can I do this and not spend too much? Is it worth it to even do this if it forces me to buy non-grass fed meat, ect? 


Thanks for any tips! :)

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Hello Colleen,


I so relate to the issue with budgeting vs. sustainability.  Generally, I always buy pork and beef as my grass-fed organic options, and opt for poultry as the more commercial.  If you can, look for brands like Open Nature that still avoid antibiotics and have Humane certification.  They are still cheaper than the farmers market.


With produce, I buy organic anything on the dirty dozen list, and will buy non-organic for some of the others. Buying in bulk is also really helpful for almonds, dates, cashews, and coconut oil.  


Good luck!

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