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Recipe help! About to have dental surgery!


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  I'm scheduled to have dental surgery tomorrow and will be stuck eating purees, soups, and soft foods for a few days.  

  I've got a bunch of veggie recipes, and I plan on limiting my fruit intake by adding avocados to my smoothies, but I'm worried about getting the proper amount of protein.  And blending beef roast just doesn't sound appetizing!  :D

  Does anyone have any good recipes or recommendations for protein rich soups that can easily be blended but aren't gross?

  Or has anyone else had dental surgery while on the Whole30 and have any tips for staying on plan while also recovering?

  Thanks for any help!

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My soft food go-to is Well Fed/Melissa Joulwan's Velvety Butternut Squash. Just omit the nuts!


Bonus: make as directed but instead of baking the dish, combine the puree with bone broth for a wonderful soup.


I also adore her Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup.


Really, I can't imagine how I would have made it through my first Whole30 without her Well Fed. Well worth the money!

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When my boyfriend had gum surgery, we made egg drop soup. It's really easy to make and it helped him get in some protein. 


Easy Egg Drop Soup



·         2 cups Chicken Broth

·         1 Egg, lightly beaten

·         White Pepper

·         Salt

·         Ginger (optional)

·         Coconut aminos (optional)



Bring the broth to a simmer over low medium heat. Very slowly stream the egg into the simmering broth. Use a fork to stir gently, pulling the egg into strands. Add white pepper and salt to taste. Enjoy!


I like to add ginger and coconut aminos for extra flavor. 

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I remember reading about jarred baby food somewhere in the forum.   That might be an option for protein too.  Just read labels to be sure they haven't added any grains or sugar.

You can do that - and can find many organic options.  Sometimes that is what I use in PWO meals as well.

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