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Day 24 and no joint pain relief...

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Hi! My name is Laurie and this is my first post and my first whole30!


I am on day 24 and feeling a little discouraged and overwhelmed because my joint pain hasn't gotten any better like I had hoped it would.  I also just read the whole30 site about reintroducing food and am disappointed because I was imaging all the things I was going to eat next week when my whole30 was over, but now I am wondering if I should extend it...


I have spent a lot more money than I usually do on food, which will be hard for me to keep up and I feel like I am always cooking and cleaning up the kitchen and it seems to take me forever!


But I also feel really proud of myself for sticking with this and I feel good because I can tell I have lost a little of the weight I have been wanting to lose! I just really want ice cream and coffee with cream and sugar! :)


I started doing the regular whole30 for about the first 10 days but then I decided I should go for it and at least try the AIP which I have been sticking to, except I forgot and ate peppers in my salad one night!


Anyway I guess I don't really have any specific questions or anything, I just wanted to see if anyone has an ideas or advice...


I am 36 years old and take an NSAID and plaquenil for the joint pain in my hands, which has recently spread to my foot and neck.  I really don't want to have to take anything stronger b/c of all the scary side effects. 



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NSAIDs can slow the healing process. So while you may need something to help you with the pain, it may mean that you need more time eating a low inflammatory diet like the Whole30 to achieve the level of results you want. 


I am not familiar with how plaquenil works, so don't know what affect it may be having.


Tylenol does not work the same as NSAIDs, so that is what I use with pain, but I don't have much joint pain.

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@Tom...that is great to know about NSAIDs! I am almost to the end of my first whole30 and I was a little discouraged with the magnitude of pain I still have due to joint inflammation. I take Advil daily for pain. I will try switching to tylonal for a while.

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