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Check out the image below out. I know things like soy, cornstarch, yeast etc are not whole30 compliant, but what does solution ingredients mean? 


Bummer if I can't eat it, it's such an easy meal to just bake a pork tenderloin for 30 mins! Serves me for 3 meals. 


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This food product is not close to being okay during a Whole30. The meat is injected with a solution to plump it up and it has a sauce too. Both the solution and the sauce are full of not-okay ingredients. 


You will often find cheap cuts of meat injected with solutions to plump them up, make them weigh more so that you are paying for more liquid and less meat, and to make them last longer on the shelf. Real meat has no ingredients because it is not injected with anything. I quit shopping at Kroger about 3 years ago because it was hard to find chicken that was not injected with various solutions. 

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