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The BEST Thing about a Whole30.........


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I'm in it early but honestly so far for me it's

1. not counting calories or macros (hard to undo after years of doing so but easing up on this helps the brain a lot!)

2. enjoying good, fresh delicious food including fattier meats and coconut + avocados

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Being inexplicably happy. Shows how much that wheat was dragging me down!


I'm with you. Here's what I wrote elsewhere:


Happiness Quotient: I've had my low moments and “Kill all the things†moods, but in general… This morning I was dancing in my kitchen as I peeled and chopped veggies, moving in time to Pharrell's “Happy.†So, yeah: weirdly, unexpectedly,surprisingly, I have been happy throughout all this. 


When I read Melissa Joulwan's list of “Thirty Reasons to Whole30,†the item that I was most skeptical about – and yet was secretly hoping would hold true — was no. 5. She wrote, “You'll be happier. No joke. When blood sugar is stable, life is happier. Period.†Turns out she actually knew what she talking about. Wow.

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