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Hello all - 


I purchased "It Starts With Food" on a whim, sort of recommended by someone I follow on Instagram. I have picked May 19th as my start date, but am still apprehensive, since at the end of next week I'll be flying across the country and visiting my dad for a few days. I wonder if I should wait until I return to start? 


I'm very hesitant - I know that the Whole 30 isn't "hard" - and it's only 30 days, but I am eat so poorly - really just junk from noon-bed, that I know the beginning will be difficult. I'm reading the book, and looking up recipes online. I've bought the immersion blender :) I'm one of those people who thinks that if I have all the tools it'll be easier. I'm mostly looking forward to having more energy. I know something I'm eating to making me really tired - my default setting these days is "nap" - so doing the Whole30 is worth it to me for that reason.


I wonder if perhaps I should use the rest of this month to try to wean myself off of some of the really big no-no's like my sugary snacks and soda, and then begin when I return. I don't want to set myself for failure, but the program does encourage starting as soon as possible. 


Guess I'll keep reading around here and reading the book & see where it leads me!

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Following the Whole30 while traveling is harder than someone without experience should attempt. And honestly, hard to do when you have a lot of experience. I think you should wait until you are back home to start. As you suggest, you could use the time between now and then to start working towards Whole30-style eating. 

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Well I'm back from my trip and ready to start. 


I thought I'd do the "last hurrah" weekend, which was a BAD idea because I woke up this morning sick! I'm going to do a whole30 dinner, and really jump in tomorrow.


Wish me luck! I've learned something already!

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