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Foods with No Brakes

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So I keep trying to start my second whole30! I've been under significant personal stress and am really running into "compliant" foods with no brakes issues this time around! I thought I'd publicly announce the foods that I have found to be without brakes for me. Mostly for some sort of public accountability, and also because maybe this will help someone else who is struggling.


So far, buying any of the following leads to no brakes for me. (I'm wondering what sugar/carb content has to do with this. Seems like if I get myself under control for a while, I can handle a little of these foods. But trying to get started on whole30 after some off roading has seemed almost impossible if I continue to eat these):




Plantain chips (I tried to tell myself so much that these are veggies! Compliant! But after my THIRD trip to Whole Foods this WEEK for this coveted compliant food after stressful days at work...well...clearly this is not healthy....)




Frozen cherries



Okay, my list isn't that long. But trust me, after eating so many of these three darn foods, it sure FELT like a long list. 


I'm just going to keep trying and talking about this until I get myself back on track.


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Can you see the similarity between all of the foods that you've listed here? They're all very small items that it's easy to mindlessly shove in your mouth by the handful. Also delicious is whole roasted sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon, but it's a lot harder to mindlessly eat something with a knife and fork!


So, it may not be the foods themselves, but the manner in which you're eating them that's the problem - if you have a small handful of raisins mixed through a salad, you're unlikely to go searching for more afterwards. If you sit there with the bag of raisins munching away, they'll be gone before you know it. (TBH though, I'd be keeping them out of the house for now too! No point tempting fate :) )

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